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SiF and The Important Visitor

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SiF and The Important Visitor
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SiF and the Special Visitor

The members of Sodor Island Forums were all very excited. The Thin Admin had gathered them all around for a special announcement.
"I have been contacted by a journalist who wishes to learn more about our community. He has asked me to select some material to represent ourselves, which he will put on television. I shall be making my decisions about what we will show later. Now, on with the preperations."
As the Thin Admin left, all the members started talking about what would be chosen.
"My music videos aren't really representative of our community," said Kate669 sadly.
"My audio dramas aren't good for TV," muttered the Old Bean.
"He'll choose a Buggered episode of course," Skarloey smiled smugly.
"Buggered?" snorted Alaric. "That only has limited appeal. He will use my Rusty and the Boulder redub, and I'll become a moderator! You'll see!"

For the rest of te week, Alaric bragged about how the Thin Admin would choose Rusty and the Boulder, and how it was the most popular download on Sodor Island Fansite, and lots of other things that no one wanted to know. He also started insulting the work of other people, such as The Yard series and Tackling Morals. Something strange had happened to Alaric. His spelling started to be bad and he would rant on about tiny things. It was as if he had become a troll.
Finally the modersators got so sick of his bragging that they banned him from SiF. "Oh no!" Alaric cried. He did feel like a silly member.
The Thin Admin spoke to him on MSN. "You look like a conceited ignoramus, Alaric," he said. "That will not do when it comes to presenting material for the journalist. I must make other arrangements."

Late the Thin Admin met up with Christopher and Ciremi..
"Please sir!"
"One at a time," said the Thin Admin kindly. "Yes Chris?"
"Can you show one of my Series 8 redubs?"
"Hmm. Yes Ciremi?"
"Can you show one of my Nitpicks videos?"
"Hmm again. Well, you'll be happy to know that I was already planning to do both. A Series 8 redub to show how the fans can improve on the stuff made for TV nowadays, and a Nitpicks to show out feelings to the public."
"Oh, thank you sir!" said Christopher and Ciremi. They were very pleased.

Later on all the members were gathered around the forum, waiting for the journalist to arrive. They couldn't know that the journalist was speaking to the Thin Admin via e-mail, so they wouldn't see him coming. But once the e-mail conversation had concluded, the Thin Admin came to the forum and told everyone who well it had gone.
"Three cheers for the journalist!" cried Old Iron and Road Roller.
"Shh!" said Chris the Xelent and the Halford.
But they were ignored as everyone gave three cheers. They had never been happier to be members of Sodor Island Forums.

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