C. Reginald Dalby Mini-Site

We'd like to introduce fans of the RWS to C Reginald Dalby's 
"Tales of Flitterwick Harbour"
and dedicate this special section of the fansite to the artist

Tubby the Tugboat

Written and illustrated by Railway Series artist, C Reginald Dalby in 1955, Tales of Flitterwick Harbour chronicles the life of this locale's nautical and human inhabitants such as Tubby the Tugboat  (pictured on the right)
The book was written as a singular venture, with, not unlike the Railway Series itself, four stories within the book.  There are further story synoposis, character info and other paraphenalia within this site, including recollections shared by C. Reginald Dalby's daughter - Kate Holland herself to whom TOFH was dedicated! 

2nd April 2007

C. Reginald Dalby and his daughter, Kathryn