TATMR Interviews

Where cast and crew members alike share their recollections and insight about working on Thomas and the Magic Railroad...

Producers and Directors
Click to read Britt Allcroft Interview
It can be said that Britt Allcroft has a special place in her heart for Thomas and his friends, and still does to this day. Britt shares these feelings with Ryan for the benefit of fans everywhere.
Click to read interview with Phil Fehrle
Veteran American television producer Phil Fehrle joined Britt Allcroft as Producer for Thomas and the Magic Railroad. By chance were were able to contact Phil to ask him about his time with the movie and beyond.

Main Cast
Click to read Russell Means' interview
In the film, Russell Means portrayed Billy Two-Feathers - Engineer of the Rainbow Sun and resident of Shining Time Station. A direct and outspoken man, Russell shares his thoughts about the movie with SiF. 
Click to read Doug Lennox's interview
Canadian actor Doug Lennox's performance as renegade P.T. Boomer has been described in a very positive light by many of our TATMR contacts. For reasons not entirely understood, Doug's scenes as Boomer were cut from the film as a result of a March 2000 test-audience screening.  Doug kindly shares some of his recollections of working on the movie with us.

Voice Talent Cast
Click to read interview with Linda Ballantyne
Canadian Voice Talent Actress  Linda Ballantine shares her recollections of voicing Percy the Small Engine.
Click to read Susan Roman's interview
Another familiar name in Voice Talent circles is Canadian actress Susan Roman. Susan lent her talents to voicing James in the movie and very fond memories of working on the production. 

Art Department Crew
Click to read interview with Charles Dunlop
Charles Dunlop talks about his artistic contributions to the film in this very insightful interview. 

Models and SFX Crew
John Gajdecki - Owner GVFX
John Gajdecki's company - GVFX (Gajdecki Visual Effects) was one of the successful Toronto area companies chosen by the Producers of Magic Railroad to work on the film.
John's brother, Rick supervised the movie's model shop, and he and the other model builders had a direct hand building the model sets, engines such as Diesel 10 and Thomas, the windmill, and the miniature human figures used in the special effects. Rick is no longer in the model-making business, but  we've been in contact with his brother, John, who ran the company at the time, and who is now a Visual Effects Supervisor and lecturer. John had this to say about the film:
The viaduct was a really nice model. Many of the engines were re-built in brass so they could withstand the heat of the lights that were needed to get a good exposure with lots of depth of field.~ John Gajdecki, 7 March, 2007
Click to read Dave Asling's interview
Dave Asling worked on the Production as a Key Model Builder with the GVFX team and  provides detailed insight about the model shoot.
Click to read interview with David Axford
As a GVFX crew member exposed to many aspects of the model scene filming and post-production SFX, David Axford  kindly shares his recollections of working on Magic Railroad. 

Post Production Crew
Click to read interview with Nelson Ferreira
Nelson Ferreira is very experienced in the art and science of post-production sound editing.  In 1999 Nelson signed on to Thomas and the Magic Railroad as the ADR and Supervising Sound Editor. Nelson shares his insight in this interview with SiF. 

Filming Support Crew
Click to read interview with James Cleary
Leading up to the Isle of Man film shoot in August 1999, Location Manager James Cleary combed the island to find and negotiate access to suitable filming sites. In this interview, James shares his recollections of his work and the movie with Ryan. 
Click to read interview with Keith W Strandberg
Pennsylvania and Strassburg area resident Keith W. Strandberg signed on as the Unit Production Manager for the Pennsylvania filming of Thomas and the Magic Railroad.  Keith was kind enough to share his memories of working on the movie with SiF. 
Click to read Mark Myers' interview
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania resident and professional cameraman Mark Myers signed onto the movie's production as Videographer for the local filming. In his interview, Mark summarizes his experience with the 3 days of filming during the 2nd week of September, 1999. 
Clcik to read Linn Moedinger's interview
Strasburg Railroad President Linn Moedinger supplied the use of the railroad as well as No. 475 during the filming of Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Linn was kind enough to answer a few questions that we had about the Pennsylvania filming as his role as Steam Railroad Consultant.