TATMR Storyboard Artists

Sodor Island Fansite is proud to showcase samples of the original storyboards drawn by talented artists for the Magic Railroad Movie!

The images below are posted here with the permission of their respective artists.  We  will remove them if asked to by the rights holders

Just as a screenplay tells a story, storyboards assist the film maker to visualize a scene as it will be seen through the lens of a movie camera. The storyboard artist's duty is to be knowledgeable of the scene that is to be illustrated, and to correctly interpret what action, visual angle, or special effects that the film maker wants to convey to the viewer.
For this movie, the storyboards provide us with a valuable educational insight of the transition from script to film, and of the subtle to major changes that are sometimes required to get there. That being said, Sodor Island Fansite is honored to introduce you to...


Artist Bruce Simpson, whose storyboard work is featured in this page with his blessing, had this to say...

Thomas was a very fun project to work on & I enjoyed being a part of it. The trains were very cool!
Bruce Simpson, 31, March, 2007

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Below are a few storyboard frames from deleted scene 54 "Summer Sundae",  which can be found on the movie's American DVD version.  We've included the matching stills for fans to appreciate how crucial storyboarding is to set up and film a scene according to the Director's vision.



Toronto artist Greg Chown was kind enough to provide us with his recollections of working on the movie, along with samples of his work.

Thank you for your interest in my work.
I was originally called by the producers of Thomas to be the Props Master on the film and when I went in for the interview they saw that I was also a storyboard artist. They sent me in to see Bill Neil (you should IMDB him) 
He asked if I could start with him and I said yes on the condition that I also do the props for the show ( they were shooting in The Isle of Man and I wanted to go) The final result was a little disappointing as  P.T Boomer's character was completely eliminated (along with most of the plot).
But I had a good time over there and was glad I went...
As far as the ticket scene. It was scripted and drawn but like a lot of things it didn't make the cut. I'm sure they filmed it though.

Greg Chown - 24 March, 2007

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As mentioned in his interview with SiF, Charles Dunlop was involved very early on in the production to storyboard scripted scenes for early versions of the script.  The storyboard frames below were drawn by Charles for an April 28 1999 version of the script. Scene 165 cuts in just as Diesel-10 begins his pursuit of Thomas. Dropped altogether by the May 19th version of the script, this imaginative scene with Junior shows how George the Steamroller redeems himself by switching to the good guys' side!

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Below are a series of storyboard frames made by an unidentified artist depicting what is known as Scene 108 in the August 09, 1999 version of the script. The cut scene takes place immediately after Patch learns of Lady's origins from Burnett Stone in the workshop. This scene takes place at night, where we see Junior still clinging on to D-10's back as the villain tries to shake him off in a not-so-nice manner. We do not know if this sequence was filmed to later end up on the cutting room floor with the rest of the post-test audience screening edits.

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John is credited with creating the Leica Reel for Thomas and the Magic Railroad. In her letter to Ryan, Britt Allcroft requested that John be included in any references made to storyboard artists. We are happy to honor John's memory...

John and I were collaborators in Canada for many years - he was the director of animation for Britt Allcroft’s Magic Adventures of Mumfie , we wrote many shows together and he too, storyboarded this version of Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
John, who passed away in July 2006, was an incredible artist of animation and storyboarding. I miss him both as a colleague and a trusted friend.

Honourable Mention


Japanese Manga artist Kobayashi Tatsuyoshi illustrated this 160 page graphic novel adaptation of Thomas and the Magic Railroad which was published in October, 2000 and available only in Japan. The book is sadly long out of print, though there are a few used copies for sale on the Japanese Amazon Site.  (With thanks to Chris Babiash for this find)

Cover of TATMR Manga by Kobayashi Tatsuyoshi
Cover of TATMR Manga by Kobayashi Tatsuyoshi
ISBN: 4-09-290281-6