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The cast and crew of Thomas and the Magic Railroad visited many locales during its production: The Isle of Man, The Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania, and the streets, model and live-action sets of Toronto, Ontario Canada. Here we explore the landscapes where many of the movie's scenes were filmed - beginning with...

The Isle of Man

Situated in the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man became the background setting for many of the outdoor scenes representing Indian Valley, Muffle Mountain, the town of Shining Time and Shining Time Station itself. Filming on the Island officially began on Tuesday, August 3rd until Thursday, August 26 1999 - lasting 18 days.















Fans wishing to know more about the IOM filming locations should read our insightful interview with Location Manager James Cleary.

Once filming wrapped up on the Isle of Man, Production then relocated to...

Pennsyvania, U.S.A.

The U.S. state of Pennsylvania, particularly the Strasburg Railroad was chosen for filming all scenes involving the Indian Valley Railroad's pride and joy - the Rainbow Sun (SRR's no. 475). The Strasburg Railroad can be found in the scenic agricultural belt of Lancaster County, where many Amish families have settled farms. The scenes of Lily and Mutt at the "Big City" Railroad station was filmed at the Amtrak Station in nearby Harrisburg. Although the crew were on location for about a week, filming with the actors began Sunday, September 12 and wrapped up a day later on September 13, 1999.

We wish to extend special thanks to Lancaster County resident Mark Myers, who worked on the Pennsylvania TATMR filming as a videographer, for helping us pinpoint filming locations along with additional behind-the-scene details. We'd also like to thank Linn Moedinger, President and Chief Engineer of the Strasburg Railroad for his recollections of the TATMR cast & crew visiting the Railroad. More details can be read on the Filming TATMR: Pennsylvania page.

The final leg of the Magic Railroad journey resumed in...

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Whilst the live-action filming was taking place on the Isle of Man and later, Pennsylvania, the model set crew were kept very busy preparing the engine characters, model sets and full-sized sets for filming. Toronto's downtown, in particular the Wellington Street East (E. of Yonge) was featured in a few scenes.

Home Port

We hope you've enjoyed exploring and learning about the filming locations featured on this webpage. Better yet, why not explore these areas yourselves though Google Earth?

We've prepared a tour of these locations that you can import directly into Google Earth. Just follow the easy instructions included in the zip file (read_me_first.txt)

Download SiF's TATMR Google Earth Tour (zip)

During your Google Earth exploration of the filming locations, be sure to check out the software's "Street View" feature - especially in the Toronto movie shoot locations!

Special Thanks & Acknowledgements

This endeavour picks up and rounds off initial exploratory work commenced by SiF's Rhys Davies back in 2007. It's also worth mentioning that without the friendly help and guidance of people associated with the filming locations in their locality, this page would be very poorer and wanting. To that end, we'd like to extend special thanks to Mike Reany - IOM Film, Mark Myers - Videographer who's intimate with the Strasburg Railroad filming, and finally to SFX and model guru Dave Axford and Art Director Lucinda Zak for their help with the Toronto filming locations =)

By extension, we'd be very interested to hear from Fansite visitors who live or are familiar with the filming locations - particularly the Isle of Man. We'd be happy to post any photos and recollections you may have to share of the filming on this page! Please feel free to get in touch with us through our Contact page.


Page last updated on June 26, 2011