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Rants By Random Mothers...


Random Rants by Confused School Mothers

"Recently I bought my son the 'Thrills, Spills and Bumps' DVD, thinking it would be a pleasant show for him to watch. Imagine my frustration to find I was wrong. The DVD is full of train crashes, into buildings, fields and each other! Think of all the property damage! I don't want my son Johnny exposed to such mayhem! If only they would put proper warnings on these DVDs, to warn innocent people of the madness contained inside."

"For any mothers intending to buy the Thomas and Friends Series 2 DVD for their children, I have some advice-don't. This DVD is far too complicated for our youth. It has lots of long words, far more than any child could grasp. For example, my son asked me the other day what the word 'predicament' meant. Good grief! How do these TV people expect our children to enjoy the stories if they can't understand the words? Only one word, 'deputation' was explained, but they couldn't even keep the word straight. I suggest sticking to the newest DVDs, which take the time to explain to our children any complex vocabulary."

"I am here to warn all mothers to stay away from the early Thomas and Friends episodes. Simply put, they are full of violence and antisocial behaviour. One episode my son was watching was about a freight car making fun of engine 11. Rather than talk with the car, the engine chose to tear it apart! Are we to believe a churchman wrote this? I was also shocked to hear the language used. There are numerous incidents where engines are rude, cheeky and naughty. What sort of example is this to set to our kids? Rest assured, from now on I shall be sticking to the later episodes only. I advise all concerned parents to keep this smut away from their children."

"I have to say, I absolutely love the Thomas the Tank Engine Series 1 DVD. I think it's top-notch storytelling. However, I question the rating. A U? I would have rated this at least a PG. Simply put, some of the material covered is far too much for children. I know that at least one story, The Flying Kipper, should come with a child protection code. Upon watching the scene where Henry crashes, both my husband and I were driven to tears. In summary, a good purchase but make sure your child doesn't see all of it."

"I have only recently found out that in its earliest days, Thomas the Tank Engine was narrated by Ringo Starr and George Carlin. Parents, for goodness sake, DO NOT let your children watch these episodes! Ringo Starr, in case you didn't know, used to be a Beetle. And took drugs! And George Carlin very often uses profane language in his 'comedy' acts! How on Earth these two were chosen as narrators for a children's series I shall never know. But do your kids a favor, stick with the episodes done by Alec Baldwin and Michael Brandon."

"As a Christian, I considered Thomas the Tank Engine to be appropriate for my children to watch, as it is based on stories written by a man of the cloth. Surprisingly there is little religious material covered by the talking trains, but I am prepared to let that slide. What I cannot condone, however, is the presence of homosexuality in these stories. I am referring to James the red engine, who is disturbingly flamboyant. It is evident from his voice to his personality that he is gay. It is a wonder that he is not painted purple! I do not find such characters appropriate for a children's show, and am very disturbed that a man of God wrote such a thing. Needless to say, I am sticking with Davey and Goliath now. I urge all other caring Christian mothers to do the same."

Sodor Island Parody Pack