Sodor Island Parody Pack

The Island of Sodor and the New Engines

It was the 200th Anniversary of the first settlers on the Island of Sodor and to mark the occassion, the new Stout Controller had decided to allow visitors again and new engines to join the fleet. The engines were excited. Not only were new engines coming, but some of the older ones that they knew and loved were coming back too. One of them was Duck.

Duck had been gone from the island for some time. He was having problems with his fittings and went to be repaired. On his return, he found it difficult to fit back in. Oliver had taken over his branch whilst he was gone, and was most annoyed.

"I had it first," he said, "what right does Oliver have in not letting me have it back?"
"Never mind," soothed Edward, "I'm sure Oliver will let you take it back."

But Duck was still cross. The other engines felt sorry for Duck and wished they could help, but they had all the new engines to look after. They were very young and inexperienced. The Stout Controller spoke to them as they entered.

"In your sheds there are rules," he said, "please make sure you read them."

But the new engines were too excited to pay attention and didn't read the rules. This made the other engines very annoyed. One of the new engines - Mavis - was sent to the Quarry. She didn't bother reading the rules and took some trucks from the Harbour and left them in the middle of the road by the Quarry. She then left to collect some more. This made Toby cross.

"These trucks don't belong here. We already have trucks like this in here."

So Toby took the trucks away. When Mavis returned, she was furious. She hurried to all the other engines and then to the Stout Controller, saying the same thing.

"WHO KEEPS SHUNTING MY TRUCKS??!?!!?!?! Whoever keeps shunting my trucks, STOP IT!!!"

Later, the Stout Controller spoke severely to Mavis. He gave her a direct warning and sent her to the shed, where she remained very quiet.

"We don't appreciate that sort of harrassment," said the Stout Controller, "engines move trucks to where they are needed. We don't need them uselessly blocking the line."

Elsewhere another new engine - Stepney - was sent to work with Percy in the yard. He admired endlessly all the different types of wagons in the yard and praised Percy at every opportunity. Percy blushed.

"Can I have one of your tar wagons?" Stepney asked.

Percy obliged and smiled. This engine was obviously fascinated with his work. But then, Stepney wouldn't stop annoying him about it.

"Can I have your oil wagons, milk wagons, cattle trucks - both US and UK types - all of your open wagons and every single brake van."

Another new engine came to work in Thomas branch. His name was Neville. Now, as you all know, Thomas is famous for running his branch line and over time, has had Percy, Toby, Daisy and Mavis help him out. He has his own coaches and own trucks. It took him time to gain all these things, so it was a surprise when he drew towards Ffarquhar when he saw another, dusty, dingy track with a sign "neville's great brnach lnie".

"What are you doing?" Thomas asked.
"im makng a branch line with everyone in the island to fit in it," Neville said, unintelligably.
"Where's it going to cover?"
"i haven't figured that out mr. THomas."
"Well, have you got your coaches? Your trucks? Your stations?"
"not yet."
"When are you going to get them?"
"can I have yours???"

That night the engines had a meeting in the shed. They were getting quite annoyed with the new engines. They thought them too silly and irritating.

"Mavis keeps putting useless trucks in the line," Toby fumed.
"Stepney keeps bugging me for trucks," Percy wailed.
"And Neville is copying my branch line idea!" Thomas ended.
"Well now you might know how I'm feeling."

It was Duck.

"I am a strong tank engine, one of the most helpful on the Island. Then what happens? I get sent to do background tasks, Emily and all the other engines go ahead of me, and now Oliver has taken my branch."

Duck was right. The engines felt glum. But then Edward spoke up.

"Duck is right, but remember, we were all new engines once. We blundered our way through the Island. Look at Thomas - he left a Guard behind! Henry crashed into a train of goods. James - on your first day, you nearly caught on fire!"

James blushed.

"You just have to get used to new engines trying to make a name for themselves," Edward said, "because they all look up to you and want to emulate you. And as engines, we must help them do it."

Sodor Island Parody Pack