Sodor Island Parody Pack

The Man Who Missed The Train


It was a cold day in December and a man was carrying art,
The poor fella felt guilty, he had skipped work and spent the day with a…friend.

When the man found out it was the last train he had missed,
It was fair to say he was mightily…cross!

Now in the winter, the wind’s very cold and it cuts,
Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to freeze off your…toes!

He told the Station Staff of his stroke of bad luck,
They told him to go get to…the nearest bus station.

When Sir Topham heard about the trouble, he was quite blunt,
He went out onto the platform and said the man was a…bit unreasonable!

The man disliked the trouble and couldn’t be bothered with more,
All he wanted to do was go home to his big dirty…pile of dishes.

When Mrs Kyndley came walking past with a few old bits,
Sir Topham saw her walking past, he complimented her nice firm…marrow.

The man then threatened to blackmail Topham if he couldn’t get on his way,
He told the plump Railway Controller, he’d say that he was…a very rude man!

In the art of blackmail, Sir Topham was mastered,
And so he’d find it relatively easy to deal with this awkward old…man.

Sir Topham suggested the man could walk, and apologised about the unnecessary farse,
But he was quickly reminded the snow would be up to his…knees.

A few hours later, the man managed to get home quite all right,
Although he was transported in a cattle truck, and stood up to his knees in…sheep!

Sodor Island Parody Pack