Sodor Island Parody Pack

Henry's Forest...Let Battle Commence!


Henry the Green Engine has lived on the Island of Sodor for many years. He wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. He likes every part of it from the fields filled with flowers to the white sandy beaches. But there is one place Henry enjoyed visiting more than any other, his driver knew this too, “Come on Henry,” he would say, “we’ve made good time today, we’ll stop for a while by the forest!”
“And just what forest would that be then?” demanded Awdry the All Mighty, as he poked his head out of the clouds. “It’s a big Island that I’ve created! Surely you’d think there’d be more than one forest there!”
The Devil wasn’t best pleased, she’d created the whole scenario and was cross that Awdry the All Mighty was seeing fit to intervene. “Idling violates Rule 55 of the Railway Practices Act too! And those trees are far too close to the line!”
The Devil wasn’t pleased by Awdry’s interference; in her corporate business suit, stood up and looked at him. “I’ve seen a railway like that before!”
“Where?” Awdry called back.
“Not sure, just sure I’ve seen it before! So one all to me!”
“Well I’m sure the Director will agree with me then!”
“You don’t pay my wages!” called Demon Mitton, “I just want to tell a story…and get paid!”
Henry loved it here. The Forest was full of…
“Fire hazards on a real railway!” Awdry bellowed again, “You should change this at once!”
Henry could remember the day long ago when he and Toby brought new trees to be planted…
“That’s utter nonsense! That never happened, I never wrote that!”
Now he could see them growing amongst the others on the hillside…
“…a forest-fire waiting to happen!” muttered Awdry the All Mighty, but by now, none of the Demons were even bothering…
Henry always felt better for being here, he could never really explain why…
“NO WONDER!!! He’s a steam engine! He shouldn’t have an appreciation of nature! Where would an engine’s interest in trees come from anyway?”
“When was the last time you saw a talking train you old crackpot?” enquired the Devil. “I thought they had feelings and such…otherwise your stories have been quite misleading!”
Awdry the All Mighty backed down again and continued to watch the story, which had now reached the point where there was a storm outside…
“I hope the wind won’t harm the forest!”
By morning, the fierce winds had gone, but the damage was done.

“Oh, good!” exclaimed Awdry the All Mighty, seeing a chance to set things right, “Now you can change the layout and make it a bit more authentic!”
The Devil gritted her teeth. “We’ll do our best!”

Trees lay everywhere. The hillside looked so bare. Henry felt sad. “What will happen to all the animals who live here?” he thought.
"They'll probably go and live in Henry's Animal Sanctury!" moaned Awdry the All Mighty, "Surely this is where this is going?"
"No, but it'd make an interesting sequel to this I think!" said Jocelyn Stevenson, "You think this is bad, you'll be spinning in your grave when you see what we've got lined up fifteen years from now!"
When Henry's trucks were full of logs, he took them to the Timber mill where they would be turned into furniture and other things. Henry was glad the wood was being put to good use...
"At least some good is coming of dead-wood anyway!" Awdry the All Mighty continued to moan on...
"Oh dear," said Toby, "I wish there was something we could do to make things better again!"
Awdry the All Mighty snorted at the irony, "Try by putting out all of the work I've done first and stop crane-shunting Thomas into every situation and scenario possible!"
Toby puffed slowly into the yard. "Hello Toby!" said the Fat Controller, "You do look glum!"
"Care to say anything more before we carry on?" asked the Devil. "No witty remarks about 'How could The Fat Controller see how Toby felt?'"
"No, you can carry on..."
"I'm sad about the trees..."
"You got me too soon!" sighed Awdry the All Mighty, "You must have known there'd have been a stupid moment coming up there!"
"I have an important job for you Toby! I want you to take some trucks to the forest!"
When the trucks arrived...

"What the bloody hell is going on there?" splutted Awdry the All Mighty, "That's just an accident waiting to happen, woman! A spark could fly out of his funnel and set all of those trucks alight! A blazing inferno going down the track, behind a WOODEN BODIED ENGINE!"
"Never actually thought about that one, did you, David?"
"I didn't think it'd matter much really..."
When Henry returned, he was most surprised! There were Trevor and Terence busily helping the workmen clear the torn stumps and branches. "Look Henry!" called Terence, "We're beginning again..."
"The Lord be praised!" cried out Awdry the All Mighty.
"The hillside will look better than ever before, you'll see!"
Now Henry can see the trees growing tall and strong among the others on the Hillside, and the animals are coming back...

"Well, looks like your Animal Sanctuary idea is out the window then!" grinned Awdry the All Mighty.
"Oh they care very little for continuity in 2006..." grinned Jocelyn Stevenson, "Believe me!"
...and always he is happy here.
"Which is more than can be said for you, you old fart!" sneered the Devil. "How would you like it if I ripped into one of your stories?"
"You've done it several times now you money hungry cow!"
"Oh yeah, I forgot." the Devil chuckled, "Ah well, I'm off back to my big house in LA that this will have paid for. Ta-ta!"

Sodor Island Parody Pack