Sodor Island Parody Pack

Happy Ever After


It was a generic day on the Isle of Sodor. The engines all love holidays as it’s the only time when they can sneak off while The Fat Controller isn’t watching. Percy was in the field pulling some trucks when he stopped at a signal and saw Terence in the nearby field.
“Hello Percy, isn‘t it a nice day?” Terence asked Percy.
“A nice day for what?” said the little engine.
“Mrs’s Kyndley’s daughter is getting married today!” answered the tractor.
“That’s great, but who’ she?” asked Percy who had never heard of her.
“She looks like the one of the Sun newspaper.”
“Which one?”
“The one that looks like Keeley.”
“Really? Then this will be one wedding that I’m never going to miss!”
“Take care then Percy, I’m going to the wedding as well so I’ll see you there.” finished Terence.

However after emerging from a suspicious looking tunnel Percy brakes when he sees Mrs Kyndley with a red flag.
“What’s the matter?“ asked Percy’s driver?
“I’ve forgotten about the good luck package, will you help me?” she replied.
Percy hadn’t a clue on what she was going on about but his driver did.
When Percy pulled up at the next station he met Edward and asked him.
“Edward, do you know what a good luck package is?” he asked.
“Oh yes something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” said Edward.
“Any clues to start me off then?” asked Percy.
“He’s staring at you and you smoke box right now.” replied Edward waiting for a positive remark. But he didn’t know that Percy saw something else from the branch line staring at him as well.
“You’re right Edward, I’ll go find him as soon as possible.” smiled Percy as he puffed away.
“Hey, come back you truncated green goblin, I was talking about ME!” shouted Edward.
5 minutes later Percy reversed back to the station to talk to Edward again. His theme tune was so loud that it drowned out Edward’s grumble and Percy couldn’t hear him but he had something important to say to him.
“On second thoughts Edward, meet me later on at the wedding; …and bring a gift with you.” he said winked at Edward.

Percy first began his search at the docks.
“Look, look there’s something new!” he called.
“You’re right Percy, I’ll go and have a word with the foreman.” said his driver. 5 minutes later the driver returned with his head looking down in failure.
“Well what happened? Are we going to get them?” asked Percy.
“I’m afraid not.” replied the driver. “We’ll have to find something else that’s new.”
“Not on my dead boiler” said the engine. “Hey foreman why can’t we borrow those nice shiny buffers for a while?”
“It’s because we weren’t planning on hiring them to little green engines. While you lot are wasting valuable time there’s an engine out there somewhere who could really do with these new buffers.”
In the distance Henry reverses into a siding after a long trip only for his tender to take a dip in the briny blue.
“Grrrrrmmmmhhh! I’m so depressed that this is the only sound I can make.” he moaned.

Back to Percy. While idly trying to find something new he saw Old Slowcoach sitting in the siding. Percy tried to slip past her but it was too late and she already broke into conversation.
“Hello Percy, lovely day isn’t it?”
“Yes it is, Slowcoach, I’m currently in the search of the ultimate good luck package.”
“Say, you could come along to the wedding if you like.” smiled Percy with his brake pipe crossed.
“And I’m the something OLD am I? You know what happens to engines and rolling stock who call me that!? If you call me the dreaded three letter word I‘LL GET YOU WHEN YOU‘RE SLEEPING!”
“N-n-n-no, I-I-I w-was going to ask you to be the something new for the wedding, after all you have been renovated and you do look new.” sweated Percy.
“Ah how nice of you to escort me to this delightful event.” smiled Slowcoach.

So Percy coupled O-I mean Slowcoach up behind him and off they went to the big station.
“Why are we stopping here?” asked Percy to his driver.
“Your fireman has left his lunch at home and needs to nip off and pick them up.”
“Why can’t he buy his lunch here instead?”
“It’s because it’s cheaper.” replied the fireman.
Before setting off the fireman notices a hamper box in The Fat Controller’s office. “I wonder what that confiscated food hamper from this morning is doing in his office?” he pondered.
“It would be a waste seeing as part of the lost and found regulations, they have to destroy it.” said Percy.
“Yeah I wonder if there are some sandwiches in there somewhere.” replied the fireman. Both driver and fireman heaved the basket onto the platform and had a good rummage through it. “Ham and cheese sandwiches; perfect.”
“Wouldn’t it be better if we borrowed the hamper instead?” asked Percy.
“Percy you’re a genius, I don’t think TFC would mind us borrowing this as it was going to remove it anyway and there’s some splendid tuck inside.” answered his driver who had loaded the tuck into Slowcoach and chuffed off.

Later on Percy was at the branch line sheds looking for the final piece of the good luck package when he saw Thomas covered in streamers and staring at him like he did earlier on when Percy was at Edward’s station.
“I’m the something blue Percy.” he gleamed.
“Bust my boiler!” exclaimed the green engine “The good luck package is complete, now we’ll get to the wedding in time.”
And so they got to the wedding safe and sound. Also there was Terence wearing an extra large tuxedo and several cans attached to his rear end. Just before things went well something stifled the air slightly.
“Wait just a minute.” pardoned The Fat Controller.” “The good luck package isn’t complete, I can only see two things; something old and something blue.”
“How dare you, YOU’RE ON MY LIST FAT MAN!” screeched Slowcoach.
“Oh yes it is!” beamed Percy. “And here he comes” Edward slowly puffed next to Thomas with a Thornton’s chocolate box taped to his front plate.
“Ah the something old has arrived after all.” pointed TFC.
“Why I never, being roped into an occasion all because of my old age and geriatric boiler. I don’t believe it! Oh well better tell Margaret I’ll be home late tonight.” spewed Edward.
“Who’s Margaret?” asked Percy.
Thomas tried to shrug but couldn’t.
“And here’s the something borrowed!” said his driver as he pulled the food hamper out of the carriage.
“My elevenses!” boomed TFC before being restrained by the best man and his brother.
“Something old - Edward, new - Old Slowcoach, borrowed - food hamper and something blue - Thomas.” thought Mrs Kyndley. “Sigh, it’ll have to do for now.”

And so everyone else lived happily ever after.
“Wait who invited Michael Angelis to the wedding?” asked Thomas.
“Who cares, when do I get my kiss?” finished the green engine as the credits rolled.

Sodor Island Parody Pack