Sodor Island Parody Pack

The Offcial Thomas and Friends Parody Drinking Game

The rules are simple: Sit down at your computer with your favorite beverage and read your favorite Thomas parody, taking the appropriate number of drinks for each of the items below:

Note- 1 drink=One sip. Drink of choice=Grape Kool-Aid. Or beer. Whatever.

-1 drink if the Fat Controller’s weight/eating problem is mentioned/mercilessly mocked.

-2 drinks if a bucket of fried chicken is being held by TFC at this time in the parody

-3 drinks if TFC is only ever mentioned by an insulting nickname, e.g. 'The Fat in the Hat', 'Fatty', 'Tubbyguts' etc.

-1 drink if Percy’s stupidity is mentioned.

-2 drinks if Percy is portrayed as a smart person pretending to be dumb

-4 drinks if “What’s a Percy?” asked Percy, is included in the dialogue.

-2 drinks for any mention of Wikipedia.

-3 drinks if it’s specifically Brian Falzon or Endok.

-1 drink if Thomas is portrayed as a spotlight-stealer

-2 drinks if HIT Entertainment is made fun of/insulted.

-3 drinks if the entire parody is centered around this.

-4 drinks if a specific person from HIT is targeted (such as Steve Asquith).

-2 drinks if a character breaks the fourth wall and/or talks about future events.

-2 drinks if a character/the narrator mocks a recent event by referencing a past event.

-3 drinks if the dreaded supply cupboard is mentioned.

-1 drink for the use of any of the following:
“____, you have caused Confusion and Delay!”
“Luckily, no one was hurt!”
“Really Useful Engine!”
“Thomas, you must ______, or the children will be sad!”
“…biffed and bashed…”

-3 drinks if the audience/engines cringe at the use of these catchphrases.

-2 drinks if the parody begins like this: “It was a _____ day on the Island of Sodor. All of the engines were ____.”

-3 drinks if a character complains about this opening.

-2 drinks if a member of the railway staff is drunk.

-3 drinks if it’s a signalman.

-4 drinks for any mention of the SiF Audio Adventures (or SiF at all, for that matter).

-2 drinks if the audience/engines mock the narrator.

-3 drinks if it’s Michael Brandon.

-2 drinks for any mention of Emily’s attitude problem.

-4 drinks if she says “Bite me!”

-5 drinks if this is preceeded by calling Emily 'the sweetest, kindest, most loveable etc'.

-3 drinks if the Fat Controller demonstrates magical powers such as teleportation.

-3 drinks if “HIT-ified” is in the title to the parody.

-5 drinks for any reference to “Wiggles”.

-3 drinks for mention any model changes to the Narrow Gauge engines.

-4 drinks if it’s Rusty.

-5 drinks if it's his 'gender change'.

-3 drinks if the writer rants on and on about how superior Alaric is to themselves in terms of parody writing.

-4 drinks if this is because the writer does everything above.

-5 drinks if the Transformers make an appearance.

-6 drinks if Darthboco wrote the parody that they appear in… oh wait.

-7 drinks if the author managed to avoid everything above and still created an awesome, funny parody.

-8 drinks if it was Alaric, FlyingScotsman, or any of the moderators.

-9 drinks for anyone else.

-Drain your glass if it was Darthboco.

Sodor Island Parody Pack