Sodor Island Parody Pack

Chickens To School


The engines where up late. They had all gone to the disco. Except for Thomas, who was delivering coal to all the stations.
When he returned to the sheds, it was morning,
“Why didn’t you help me with the bloody coal?!” he demanded, “Or at least, you could have asked me along to the disco!”
“Well YOU’RE the one who’s always going on and on about being really useful!” said Gordon, “So a simple coal run should be no problem. A really useful engine never needs help.”
“Oooh! I do feel queer.” groaned Henry, who had a bit too much pop, the night before.

Then, with his black cape, burning blood red eyes, and dripping fangs, a figure emerged from the shadows, to revile…The Fat Controller!
“I have three specials today and…”,
“I’ll do it!” said Thomas,
“I have not selected you yet!” boomed Fatty,
“Well you always pick me, and I can’t stand the suspense.”
“Very well,” said Topham, “You must deliver chickens to the market, sheep to the farm, and some children to school.”
“Right,” said Tommy Tank, “So sheep to market, children to the farm, chickens to school.”,
“No you idiot!” said Gordon, “It’s children to the market, sheep to the school, and chickens to the farm!”,
“You’re both wrong!” said Henry, “It’s sheep to the farm, chickens to market, and children to jail!”,
“Get on with it!” said the Fat Controller,

Soon, Thomas had his mixed train, and was trying to remember his list of chores, “Chickens to market, sheep to the farm, children to school. Ha! I’m a genius!” then he puffed down the line, getting sleepy,
“Sheep to market, children to farm, chickens to school.” He yawned. When Thomas reached the market, he was mixed up,
“Unload the sheep.” said Thomas, “I thought it was chicks.” said the porter,
“And I had my best suit ready too.” sighed another,
“Not that kind of chick.” Said the former.

Then, Emily arrived. She could see that Thomas was tiered,
“Would you like some help?” she asked,
“Young lady, I doubt that you’re qualified to give me the sort of help that I need.” Said Thomas, “But if you want to meet me at the water tower later…”
Emily blushed,
“No!” she said, “Naughty Thomas! Wicked Thomas! Wicked, evil, naughty Thomas!” then she let out a giggle, “Do you think this bit should have been cut? I was a wee bit worried when they where wrighting it. It’s better than most of the other scenes I reckon!”
“My bit’s better visually!” said Percy,
“At least mine is acted out properly!” said Henry, “And it’s not just a string of baddie jokes!”,
“Get on with it.” growled Duke,
“Yes!” said Sir Handle, “Get on with it!”,
“GET-ON-WITH-IT!” rallied the passengers,
“But I’m enjoying this scene!” protested Emily,
“Get ON with it!” ordered Lady.

So Thomas dropped off the children at the farm, in a well written scene, with brilliant acting, excellent visual, nicely coloured backgrounds and “GET-ON-WITH-IT!”, sorry about that.

After dropping the chickens off at the school, Thomas went back to the sheds for a good long rest. Then Fatty stormed into the yards, kicked Thomas in the bunker, and gave him a rude awakening,
“You have caused confusion and delay!” he roared, “For the tenth time this week!” upon explaining the situation, The Fat Controller decided how to make it right,
“Since it’s obviously beyond your capability to do three simple jobs, it looks like you may need some help this time.”,
“Gordon said a really useful engine never needs help.” Moaned Thomas,
“Pah!” laughed Edward, “I’m always helping Gordon with his maths homework!” Gordon tried pathetically to creep out of sight.

So Thomas, Edward & Percy set off to get the specials,
“Sorry kids.” Said Thomas, “I didn’t have my early morning coffee this morning.”, “You got us the day off, from school!” said the children “We love you Thomas!”

That night, Thomas was dreaming about Children, sheep and chickens, when the Fat Controller woke him up again, with another firm kick up the bunker,
“What have I done wrong now?” he squeaked. The Fat Controller showed him a large sack of letters,
“These,” growled the stout gentleman, “Are complaints from the parents of the children you took top the farm, bills for damages to the market, and a cleaning bill for the classroom!”,
“But how can we raise the money to pay all those bills?” asked Thomas,
“With a Thomas the Tank Engine night rider special.” Said Topham, with an evil glint in his eyes.

Now Thomas pulls passengers all through the night, until he finally earns enough to pay his bills.

The end.

Sodor Island Parody Pack