Notice Regarding Uploads to YouTube

A few words on the continuing problems with Sodor Island media appearing on YouTube

Sodor Island Fansite Media is host on behalf of members from Sodor Island Forums, giving members of the forum chance to have their work shown to other people not part of the forum to begin with.
However, many members are becoming discouraged and needless to say, annoyed by the amount of illegal uploads of their media to YouTube without permission.  We would like this to stop completely, purely out of respect for the individuals who are having their works posted by people uninvolved with either the Sodor Island Community or the makers themselves.
Any violation found of this will be duly reported to the YouTube Authorities if requests from Sodor Island staff members or members involved in making the media are ignored.  A number of our members have opened YouTube accounts to broadcast their media themselves, as well as allowing it for download here on Sodor Island Fansite.
All of our media here is fan-made.  We do not have any official media whatsoever in the way of episodes, music videos or otherwise, and therefore, the makers of said media tend to take more offence when people begin uploading their work without permission!