Upcoming Projects


Here, you can find out all about the brand new material due to come your way from Sodor Island Productions!


2008 will bring a wealth of brand new set of visual redubs and wonderful new audio dubs as per usual.  Here's a list of some of them due to come out in the first few months of the year!


Thomas and the New Line
Written by Christopher
Based on Thomas Saves The Day, Thomas feels somewhat defeated when Annie and Clarabel go in for repairs and finds he cannot manage a difficult bend in the line on his own.  However, when courage is needed to save the new station, will Thomas be able to conquer his fear and save the day?

The Trouble With Diesel
Written by Christopher, Ryan and Ciremi
Based on Diesel Does It Again, Diesel returns to the Island to cause more havoc, but gets more than he bargained for when he comes a cropper...!

Skarloey's Way
Written by The Old Bean and Ryan
Based on Four Little Engines, Skarloey casts his mind back to the good old days of the Skarloey Railway, and recants the misadventures the new engines on the line have suffered since their arrival.  And when yet another mishap occurs, it's up to the battered and broken old engine to raise steam once more to run a train - Skarloey's Way.


Main Line Engines
Adapted For Audio By Ryan
Following up on the success of the audio adaptations of Branch Line Engines in 2007, Ryhalis are taking up the mantle again to adapt the polar opposite!  All four scripts for the audio dubs are currently written, with the first currently in production with the other three waiting in the wings for release.

A Very SiF Crossover Adventure
Written by Ryan
Considering the lack of a proper SiF Adventure Summer Series in 2007, we have decided to make things right for our fifth outing, and have a crossover of our two continuities.  The modern day SiFiverse is under threat by the head of the villains - The Evil, who is bent upon extracting revenge and altering the course of time as we know it, erasing the events of 2006 in Beachingtown on Sea.  It'll be up to the modern day SiF'ers to head back and stop him before his plans come to be...!


The Great Game Of Sodor
Written by Chris The Xelent
Returning again to feature-length original audios, Chris The Xelent has this time decided to undertake a storyline based within Railway Series continuity, based on The Great Train Robbery.  The Skarloey Railway find themselves at logger-heads with a roadway competitor, who appears to be winning much of their business from them and nothing appears to sacred from these villains - not even a very special delivery to the disused mines.


Gordon The Big Engine
Written by Chris Burrell
Based on the four stories from the Railway Series book of the same name, Chris Burrell has condensed the stories down into one continuous visual redub, using the four episodes from the TV Series, where Gordon tries to redeem himself in the eyes of the Fat Controller.


Series 8 Re-Redubs
Various Writers / Various Storytellers
Christopher Signore has decided to redo some of his pioneering Series 8 Redubs with rewritten versions and brand new voiceovers taking his place from the original takes.  Two have already been released, but there are more on the horizon over 2008.


Henry The Green Engine
Adapted for Audio by Chris
The Railway Series Audio Adaptations continue with Flying Kipper Studios latching on to Henry the Green Engine.  The first installment - Coal - is currently in production, with a script for The Flying Kipper currently waiting to be dispatched.

Series 9 Redub Adaptations
Various Writers / Various Storytellers
Throughout 2008 also, Flying Kipper Studios plan to continue the popular Series 9 adaptations, with more re-written and developed pieces from the 2005 TV series with an array of voiceovers taking up the chance to play a part.


Big Mac
Written by Christopher
Big Mac begins suffering engine problems, which inevitably cost the Star Fleet an important contract against the Zeroes.  The big Tug begins feeling like his days of active service are over and opts to retire.  However, when Zak and Zebedee run into trouble with a Tramper, there's only one Tug around who can help... but can he do it?

Written by Loey Machan
Top Hat, Sunshine, Zip and Zebedee get a night to remember when they come across an Ocean Liner standing seemingly abandonded in the open sea beyond Bigg City Port.  What would normally be a routine and dull job turns into a trip full of intrigue and mysterious goings on when they try to tow her back to Bigg City...

Fire Hazard
Written by Ryan
In preparation for the arrival of an important naval vessel, two Tugs from each fleet are instructed by Bluenose to undergo Fire Training, under instruction from Fire Tug.  However, when things start going wrong, Bluenose questions Fire Tug's ability and takes over the training session himself - with consequences that only Fire Tug himself can save him from!