The Twin Engines Audio Adaptation

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Mountain Engines Audio Adaptation

Alaric: Thomas / Inspector / Angry Passengers
Chris: The Fat Controller / Angry Passengers
Christopher: Gordon
Chris the Xelent: Henry
Ciremi: Radio Announcer / Angry Passengers / Trucks
JarrahWhite: Duck / Angry Passengers
Jim522: Painter / Signalman / Henry's Driver / Angry Passengers
Kate669: Percy
Mstnoodle: Truck
OldSquareWheels: The Guard
Ryan: Donald / Douglas / Harry / Angry Passengers
Sillyevan: The Spiteful Brake Van
Skarloey: Coaches / Truck / Wagon
The Halford: Edward
The Old Bean: Himself / Dierdre
Truro: James

and introducing SiFox as The Guard