The Yard

Written and Directed by Ciremi, these films are like Thomas but with a more twisted and adult feel to them!

Each deals with the way thomas has been evolving, such as Black Engines, which really deals with the lack of race. The other two deal with the far-fetched stories and ridiculous capacity that the stories currently have, and this is my way of standing up for Nostalgic Thomas and the Awdry's. I respect the late Rev. Awdry a great deal, and it is sad to see a lot of his stories never coming to pass. The same can be said about Christopher's work as well.

The films do poke fun, and aren't meant to be taken seriously, but in each one there exists a hidden message that speaks for itself...but the way that we convey them is just in a humorous manner. Truly offending someone is the last thing we aim for.


The following set of films contain an adult theme and coarse language.  

Sodor Island Fansite would like to advise visitors who are easily offended, or have young children present, not to view them.


The Fat Controller and his wife have decided to run a special "Love Train", and Thomas is asked to pull it for them.  Meanwhile, there's furious debate going on between the engines, particularly Percy, as to the validity of Mrs Hatt's assets.  But, Percy soon finds out that they are real, when he gets to pull the "Love Train" himself!
This was the first of THE YARD movies to be made by Ciremi, Jason and Chris in 2003, and is based on the episode - Thomas, Percy and The Squeak.


When new engine - Lemus - arrives in the yard, the Fat Controller sends him to work with Thomas and Percy to learn about trucks.  Thomas advises him that the trucks don't like it when people stare at their backsides, confident he can control this, Lemus takes them anyway and ends up crashing.
A take on THE SPOTLESS RECORD episode with a much larger cast, which happened to include Fat Hatt!


Written with the view of tackling the issue of ethnicity on Sodor, (the fact it's been 100% Caucasian until 2004!).  There are a lot of inside jokes that I have in this film some of you will get, and others will not, but do try and keep yourselves open-minded about what you see.  The back story is that a railway inspector is coming to disprove Sir Topham Hatt's claims that there is, indeed, an African American race of engines on the island. That's all I'm going to say, and that's basically all you need. Enjoy!


The fourth in THE YARD films, which focuses on Henry and the new paint scheme that the models have been wearing since 2002...
This film in particular contains a fair bit more swearing than the previous three, but it's funny as hell, and has a rather peculiar end-piece following the credits, remembering what happened with the last film when it was put up on the Sodor Island Forum!


Although THE YARD 4 was meant to be the swansong for the series, Ciremi brought the series roaring back for a Christmas special and quite simply, the best YARD film to date.


The Fat Man has lost his Christmas present in a bad air drop, and he needs the engines to look for it.  But the two Jewish engines have a lot to think about - will they embrace Catholicism or will they stay Yiddish?