SiF Productions - The Early Years


Relive the early works of SiF Productions here, and how our production methods have evolved since!

NB - Updated versions of Troublesome Trucks and Busy Going Backwards have been uploaded for the viewing pleasure.  BGB has been increased in file size, while Troublesome Trucks has been increased in file size, and had changes to its titles.

Originally, the plan was to remove these items from the site, but that was overturned by an appreciation of the past and where we have come from in terms of developing our work and the standard it is presented.

The first foray into the realms of media production on SiF came from Ciremi in early 2004, prior to the release of Series 8.  This took the form of a Nitpicks Video which examined the extent of how much the Thomas world had changed under the guidance of Gullane Productions.  At the time, nothing of the kind had been done previously involving the footage from the television series, and at the time nothing had been envisioned either.  The factual piece was due to be the springboard for another endeavour later on down the line...


The first ever redub was created by Ciremi in August 2004.  He chose the episode - Something In The Air, and intrigued by the possibility of appearing in this kind of thing, a few members jumped on board to lend their voices to the dub.  The interesting thing to note is that no script was ever written for the dub, and so, everything was just a rehash of what went originally, albeit without narrative.


After the launch of Something In The Air, Ciremi had no aspirations to do another dub.  However, the torch was picked up by two of the participants within his dub, Christopher and Ryan, who went on to form a media partnership that has been retained to this day.  RH&CS Productions picked up from where Ciremi left off and followed a similar suit to what he did for his work (albeit without SFX), and used chart music for their musical themes.  The episode Duck Takes Charge was their first premise.


Despite its short-comings, the dub was a launchpad for a lot more than just other redubs.  The roles assigned to some of the players were very popular and well received, and some such as Jim522, Kate669 and Christopher are still called upon to play the parts they did within the Duck Takes Charge dub.  The next to be undertaken was Cranky Bugs, which was the first redub ever to receive a script treatment, and developed the idea of redubbing again with new input to the original script.


The dub was pretty well received and the episode material lended itself very well to adaptation without the need for narrative.  Cranky Bugs was picked up again later on down the line with the full script being implemented, and new music added to it again, as opposed to the Chart music of the original.  However, while Cranky Bugs was found to be a strong favourite, the follow-up, Troublesome Trucks, is regarded as being one of the poorer dubs. 


The dub's poor reception was largely because of the poor scripting involved, and the real lack of action in comparison with the former.  It did highlight problems that would be faced in future dubs, and for the last official RH&CS Production - Christopher stepped in to co-write.  Busy Going Backwards introduced a lot of new talent which has either stayed on and become very active (The Old Bean) and some who had their one fleeting appearance and then few if any more (CPK and Sean).


Despite being an improvement upon Troublesome Trucks, the Busy Going Backwards dub was another strong indicator that something fresh would need to be done with future productions.  In order to contemplate what that could be, the decision was made to create an original piece focussing upon the Fat Controller and a dodgy car he'd bought on E-bay, carrying on from a parody short that featured in the course of the Busy Going Backwards feature.  The piece was christened - Sir Topham Hatt Wants Vengeance...


Vengeance cannot be classed as an RH&CS Production as it was the first time that Evan provided the music, and vastly improved the quality of the production.  After that, the decision was made to team up with Evan full-time on dubs, bring Kate669 onboard to continue on the Music Video addition at the end, and get Chris involved in intro-making after his Thunderbirds piece.  Sodor Studios was effectively born, and from then on, we have strived to improve and innovate each time we put out another piece.

Recalling the days of old, we had a lot of fun making the things we did in that era; every time a new one was released it felt like an event and they were treated as something very special indeed.  There are a lot of good memories of their production too; they strengthened and created a lot of friendships and common bonds throughout the realms of the forum, and they continue to do so today with the newer productions that are created.
Even though the quality standard has improved tenfold since they were dreamed up, we all need to begin somewhere!