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About the Interviews Page
We currently have two sets of production ideas coming forth for the Interviews page.  The first is Behind the Studio, from Albert Studios, which will be looking at the work which a certain studio has produced, how it has come so far and what is planned for the future.  The first installment of these has already been made.
The second production is one from Alaric who is interviewing the top 12 Voice Actors on SiF in The Actor's Corner.  They'll be giving their thoughts, opinions, etc on how they've done and how they've come so far.
The interviews will include:
1. Christopher
2. The Old Bean
3. Chris
4. Chris the Xelent
5. Ryan
6. Kate669
7. Ciremi
8. Jimbobdunnie
9. Old Square Wheels
10. Jim522
11. Sillyevan
12. Alaric


The Xelent Studios
All round good guy ChrisTheXelent gives the interview of his life, charting his early days as a media producer and voice actor, to the dizzying heights of recognition he has gained on Sodor Island Forum today.  In the first Behind the Studio production, Chris tells us about his two Railway Series Audio Adaptations (Henry and the Express/Small Railway Engines), his innovative original audio production - We All Make Mistakes - continuing on with his then-in-production "documentary" - Behind the Smoke and Steam, and concluding with his plans for the future, as well as thoughts on other productions/voice actors.  A brilliant interview and a worthwhile listen!

CB Studios
ChrisBurrell talks about his redubs and audio productions in the latest installment of Behind the Studio!


Interview I - ChrisTheXelent
In the first installment of The Actor's Corner, Alaric interviews ChrisTheXelent, who recaps how he first came into voice acting, what he likes about it, what he doesn't like about it and his plans for the future.

Interview II - Kate669
The first lady of Sodor Studios recalls her big breaks, her best roles and lets us know her aspirations for the future in the latest edition of the Actor's corner.

Interview III - Ryan
One of the longest standing voice actors on the Sodor Island Forums, Ryan takes part in another Actor's Corner interview.