The Holding Bay

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Written, Produced and Directed by
With Contributions by
Alaric, TheHalford, Ciremi, The Old Bean, Jim522 and Jarrah White
Alaric, ChrisTheXelent, Chris, Christopher, Ciremi, Gonzorelli, JarrahWhite, Jim522, Jimbobdunnie, Kate669, OldSquareWheels, Ryan, Skarloey, TheHalford, The Old Bean and Truro
With Special Guest Appearances and Performances by
Son of Dork, Billy Connolly, Sillyevan, Captain Punjab and John Cleese

I was inspired by the idea, and thought it merited a Summer Special follow up to carry on the wave of success.  Originally, the plan for THAT was to accomplish a second one hour production, and namely, another one-off.  Sadly however, there were too many good ideas floating around at the time of writing it, and so, instead of having a 3 hour long audio, it was deemed a better idea to cut it all down to segmented episodes instead.  The new plan suits a lot better, with one episode to be released every week for five weeks until the culmination of the audio.
Originally, the main plan was to only include two new additions to the cast.  The main ones I was set on using were TheHalford and JarrahWhite, who would be cast as subordinate villains to Jim522's megalomaniac leadership.  TheHalford in turn, became a great contributor to the writing of the production, and brought in Gonzorelli as another subordinate.  And as writing progressed, Old Square Wheels, Sillyevan, Truro and even John Cleese found themselves making inroads to the audio's fold as well...
Personally, any time I've been involved in anything like this, the editing/production side has always fallen to another person, namely Christopher, Kate669, Sillyevan, The Old Bean etc., this time, I knew I was going to have to do this on my own.  The production wouldn't be perfect, in my eyes, unless it was done by me.  But the inevitable questions always circle - "What if it doesn't sound realistic?" or "What if it just falls flat on it's face?"  In actual fact, production has gone quite well, with work being done through Pinnacle Studio 9 and Audacity programmes respectively.  I'm very happy with the SFX I've gathered from various sources, and thankful for the encouragement I've been receiving from my friends on SiF.
The basic storyline revolves around a UK seaside holiday in the fictional town of Beachingtown-on-Sea, where Ryan and Christopher have gone for a break, and where Chris has setup a chip shop, Kate669 and Skarloey a boarding house and The Old Bean brought his Ice Cream van.
The two are subsequently robbed early on, and resort to getting jobs in order to make enough money to leave.  In the course of a tourist scam, Ryan discovers there's a monster in the waters of the town, but little does anyone know, Jim522 is controlling it from his submarine base in order to scare people away from Beachingtown on Sea to build Aussie World UK - a shoddy Australian theme park.
In order to do this, Jim later kidnaps Skarloey and The Old Bean, turning him evil to become the evil Bean Ranger.  It's only then that Ciremi summons Ryan, Kate669, Christopher and Chris to form the Sodor Island Power Rangers to try and stop Jim and his minions once and for all.  Following a botched rescue attempt, they enter into a gameshow duel with Jim and his cronies, which Halford wins at the last minute and secures their demise on the submarine of doom
It's only when Jimbot and Alaric come with the Tardis that they're able to escape, and head through time on a boozy bender, and return to fend off the rampaging monster of Beachingtown on Sea.  Following that, there's a nice little singalong to round things off nicely!


Adapted, Developed, Produced, Directed and Edited by
Alaric and Ryan
Based on the original story by
Charles Dickens
- Chris
Eb-Bean-ezer Scrooge - The Old Bean
Jimbob Cratchit - Jimbobdunnie
Ryan Acrosstherode - Ryan
Eliot Pernicketysod - Eliot
Christopher Scrooge - Christopher
Chris Mastree - ChrisTheXelent
Kate Ida Betters-Cratchit - Kate669
Jacob Malaric - Alaric
Mr Fezziwig - Ciremi
Tiny Jim - Jim522
Tramp – Truro
Charity Worker – Loey Machan
Driver – Jarrah White
Headmaster – Evan
Granny - Halford
Mrs Fezziwig/Woman – GotSTEAM?
Urchin – Old Square Wheels
Passerby 1 - ChrisBurrell
Passerby 2 - Proteus
School Boy - Stuart
Poor Kid - Jake

The decision was taken in mid 2006 to do a Christmas Adventure again.  It had always been on the cards, but there was some apathy from The Old Bean who was uncomfortable with his own bland characterisation in both of the previous audios.  And so, instead of another original concept, the decision was taken by both Alaric and Ryan to create an adaptation of the classic Dickens tale - "A Christmas Carol", where The Old Bean agreed to play the part of Eb-Bean-ezer Scrooge!

Throughout the course of the writing, new characters were placed into the storyline both to create opportunities for members to play them and for to develop the storyline for some comic moments and original scenarios.  These new additions included a business rival and his assistant, an obsessive neighbour, a developed part for Mrs Cratchit who had become Scrooge's abuser in defence of her husband; and also included The Old Bean's own character Deidre from The Twin Engines audio, who played Scrooge's love interest.


The series seems set to continue with new audios coming out every six months to preserve the quality and specialness of the concept, as Alaric and I have both agreed; it shouldn't be done regularly to preserve the dignity and excitement that surrounds them.  If it were to go down the road of other multimedia projects, particularly redubbing (where to keep things fresh you need to keep updating things to provide an edge that never lasts...) then it would ultimately just wither and die quickly.  These are special, and hopefully, they'll remain that way!

Where 2008 SiF Meets 1903 SiF...

This production came later than previous expected and was due to return us to the "SiF Adventure every six months" means of doing things - however, problems hindered production and left us hanging on until October, two months shy of the originally intended release dates within August and September.  A Very SiF Crossover Adventure charts the adventures of both modern day SiF'ers and the ye olde SiF from 1903, as they come together to take on a formidable force of darkness - The Evil, and try to prevent the timeline of history being altered dramatically in the process...


Mistaken Identity
A short improvised piece featuring Ciremi and The Old Bean in their Branch Line Engines dub roles, in which a drug-test goes disastrously wrong!


The Xelent Studios ran two sets of outtakes following the completion of their last two audio projects - Small Railway Engines and original audio production - We All Make Mistakes.  The latter also includes select cast interviews as they give their views on the production and how they thought it went.



An alternative and innovative history of Thomas's arrival on Sodor, devised by Crscottjr for one of his first redub projects, taking the four stories from Thomas The Tank Engine and expanding upon them to provide a two-part special

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