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A selection of the classic Railway Series stories written by The Reverend and Christopher Awdry, and told by SiF members.

Thomas Goes Fishing - Tank Engine Thomas Again
Told by Ryan
A humorous offering from Ryan, reading one of the Reverend's strangest tales with a great deal of improvisation.

Super Rescue - Enterprising Engines
Told by Professor Vengeance
One of the more favoured stories from the Railway Series comes to life through Professor Vengeance.

Old Stuck Up - James and the Diesel Engines
Told by Davey
Reading through one of the stories of the Christopher Awdry book he would later adapt for an audio comedy.


The Extended Railway Series has been a fixture on SiF since 2003, and has spawned some brilliant fiction - here's a selection of the stories being told aloud.

Extended Railway Series No.57
Branch Line Bothers
Written by Ryan
Told by The Old Bean

Extended Railway Series No.97
Blandford the Somerset Engine
Written and Told by Chris the Xelent