A hilariously warped view of the Island of Sodor, featuring dancing Garden Gnomes...!


Buggered started off as basically a crazy idea of Skarloey’s when toying around with the idea of a parody. One was written, which was just about Percy’s new-found stupidity and the other engines teasing him, but more was needed to give it a higher laugh-factor, so to speak.


There was never really intended to be a sequel to it, but after a good response, Skarloey was persuaded to tie up the loose ends, and so two more were added to make this thing a trilogy.


Chris, a fellow member of the Buggered team then came up with the crazy idea of a deleted scene, involving dubbed footage of David Mitton and the Gnomes from “Percy and the Haunted Mine” dancing to the theme tune from THE SMURFS.




In episode one, the Fat Controller is visiting his engines about how much over budget they are, after a crash during nearly every single episode of the series.


In episode two, we see the engines searching for Percy.  The Fat Controller praises them for their hard work, and then tells them about a new threat – the Village People, who have captured Percy!  A plan to catch the villains is put in action, but Salty gets drunk and Percy escapes!


Lady Hatt is coming back from Ibiza and the Fat Controller's mother is also coming to visit at the same time, so he conducts a rather novel way of stocking up with food before they both arrive and expect their tea...!


The problems for the Fat Controller continue on again, but with a Christmassy theme and a very random plot, which also includes a poor Billy Connolly impersonation as well as a music video of "In the Brownies"...draw your own conclusions!