Rolling Stock

Rolling Stock Profiles

Troublesome trucks, faithful coaches, helpful cranes and other rolling stock that help keep the Fat Controller's Railway running!

Annie and Clarabel

Annie and Clarabel are Thomas’s faithful coaches, who were given to him when Thomas first got his Branch Line. Annie can only carry passengers and travels nearest to Thomas, while Clarabel carries passengers, luggage and the Guard. They maybe old, but they and Thomas have a good friendship, and often act as voices of reason whenever Thomas gets worried or above himself – like the time they helped him to conquer the Difficult Bend leading to Kellsthorpe during its construction.

If Thomas should be ill or away, Percy and Toby (and occasionally Duck) would look after them in his place. Although other engines had been known to take them if other coaches are unavailable – in case of Emily and Neville quite by accident, which upsets Thomas sometimes.

Unlike most coaches on Sodor, Annie and Clarabel have had their fair share of adventures over the years: ‘losing’ their Guard when Thomas became impatient, forging through a flood with Percy, and becoming a Runaway Train when Thomas set off without his Driver and Fireman. They even had their taste of high-speed when they were accidentally coupled to Caitlin’s train and were rushed all across the Island whilst Thomas tried to catch up with them! Luckily, Hiro was able to stop Caitlin in time before she took Annie and Clarabel with her to the Mainland.

Not So Slow Coaches!


Henrietta is Toby’s coach and faithful companion. She was very lucky to come and live on Sodor with Toby when their old line closed, and was glad to miss being made into a henhouse! She helps bring workmen up to the quarry every day (alongside another coach, Victoria, in the Railway Series books) and carries passengers as well on Thomas's Branch Line. 

Henrietta in Season 18

When first introduced in Season 1, Henrietta was one of the few characters on Sodor not to have a face in the TV Series - and only ever appeared with one in the Railway Series books in 2007 (Thomas and Victoria). However, Season 18 followed up on this by finally giving Henrietta a face and a voice for the first time! This enabled her to give Toby support to overcome his fear of Knapford Junction, and later to stand up against James when the red engine tried to tell them otherwise about the broken signal.

Troublesome Trucks

“Now trucks are silly and noisy. They talk a lot and don't attend to what they are doing.

Awdry's description of the Troublesome Trucks sums them up perfectly. They come in different shapes, sizes and types, and love to bring upon grief to whichever engine has to take them out, particularly those who are careless with them like the Big Engines - ranging from petty annoyances such as snapped couplings or jammed brakes to causing major accidents or derailments (even at their own destruction at times). They especially like to annoy the engines by singing cheeky songs about them!

While the Trucks can be devious when plotting against engines who mishandle them, they can also be naive, stupid things - they believed from Diesel that Duck had been telling tales about Henry, James and Gordon, which was untrue, but was enough to spread gossip throughout the yard. 

The trucks on the Narrow Gauge railway are no different; the slate trucks decided to pay Sir Handel out for his rudeness but, travelling down the Incline, they mistook Peter Sam for Sir Handel and smashed into him instead (although that mistake was quite understandable in the books as all the Narrow Gauge engines were painted red).

Only the most experienced and strongest of engines can keep them in order, and the Trucks soon learn not to fool with those who do.

The Spiteful "Break" Van

This unpleasant Brake Van took pleasure in Douglas's misfortune and launched a vendetta against him to have him sent back to Scotland.  He was soon put in his place by Donald, and behaved better for a while, until he had another chance for mischief, this time with James as his victim.  It was his ultimate undoing when he forced the trucks to hold back, and causing Douglas, pushing from behind, to smash him to pieces...with no chance of repatriation, thank goodness!

Toad the Brake Van

When Oliver escaped from scrap, he was joined by an elderly brake van called Toad; they are considered good friends as Toad helps to keep Oliver’s trucks in order. Toad in return is arguably protective over Oliver and tries to keep him out of trouble, such as his run-in with S.C.Ruffey. But sometimes, Toad would travel with Douglas should Oliver be busy elsewhere.

Toad is found to be very pleasant to know and has much respect for all engines, referring them to as ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’ in turn, as he does so when speaking to ‘Mr. Oliver’. Although even Toad has been subject to folly occasionally.

Once, his longing to travel forwards suddenly came true when the silly trucks broke away from Oliver, and Toad found himself “leading” his own train as he careered along the Main Line, encountering several close calls, before finishing up in a pond!

Toad and James

Toad had a similar experience with James many years later. Tired of hearing about Oliver’s escape from scrap, he wanted to have an adventure of his own to talk about, so he convinced James to take him out on the Main Line for a change. But James’ rough riding and cockiness made the journey very uncomfortable, and a broken branch on the track caused the trucks to break away from him. With locked brakes, Toad managed to stop the heavy trucks from colliding into Thomas travelling behind them...and so he got his taste for adventure after all!

Toad’s dedication to looking after the engines played a big part during Gator’s time on the Island. Realising that Gator’s lamp wasn’t working properly, Toad had the bright idea of lending one of his own for Gator to use so that he could finish delivering Oliver’s trucks safely in the dark.

And once, Toad even managed to help the Rescue Team save a stranded whale near Bluff’s Cove – suggesting to move the whale to Brendam Docks, where the water would be deep enough for it to swim out to sea. He also kept its spirits up by singing to the poor creature throughout the journey. And thanks to Toad, the whale returned home safe and sound!


S.C.Ruffey is considered to be the leader of the Troublesome Trucks, an ageing "private owner" wagon who has had experience causing trouble for engines. When Oliver took a tumble in the turntable well, S.C.Ruffey lead the other trucks in Oliver's yard to tease and sing rude songs about him.

But Toad the brake van had a plan to put him in his place. Urging Oliver to pull hard on his next ballast train, S.C.Ruffey rallied the other trucks to hold back - but his poor condition resulted in Oliver pulling him apart! The trucks, unaware of this, decided never to tease Oliver again.

As for S.C.Ruffey...ultimately in the Railway Series, he had been scrapped soon after his accident, but in the Television Series the Fat Controller had him repaired in the hope that he would "earn himself a better name" - and S.C.Ruffey has since kept very quiet!

Old Slow Coach

In her glory days, Old Slow Coach had once travelled on fine Great Western / Victorian lines. But overtime she was replaced by modern coaching stock and spent most of her lonely life in a scrap yard, where she had gained her nickname by the workmen. 

But fate had been kind - when Thomas and Percy came upon her, they promised to try and help before she would eventually be scrapped. That chance came when a fire destroyed a Workmen's Hut, and the two engines suggested that they should use Old Slow Coach as a temporary new home. In no time she was cleaned and repaired, and spent the entire summer housing the men near Tidmouth Halt, forever grateful for Thomas and Percy's help.

Old Slow Coach has seen other uses around the Fat Controller's Railway since, particularly for special occasions when she became part of Percy's "good luck" package for Mrs Kyndley's Daughter's wedding - as the "something old".

The Breakdown Train in Season 1

We were first made aware of the Breakdown Train when Thomas used it to rescue James when he crashed into a cow’s field. It consists of a Workman’s coach, some flat trucks and two large cranes, built to carry engines, coaches and trucks – very useful whenever they are required to rescue a derailed train or engine. They were seen frequently assisting with maintenance work across the railway up until Season 12. 

However, when The Adventure Begins came around, the two cranes were given faces and names – Judy and Jerome. When Thomas first discovered them, Annie and Clarabel explained that they are only used in emergencies. And when there is one, Judy and Jerome are immediately awake, fully alert and ready for action.

Judy and Jerome

But in the years following the construction of the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre, Jerome and Judy fell to the wayside and saw even less action, resulting in them being left in the yard with nothing to do. When Ryan discovered them for himself, he kindly offered to give them a change of scenery by moving them down to Arlesburgh Harbour for the day. Judy and Jerome enjoyed this so much they kept asking other engines to move them around to somewhere more exciting - but when Daisy had an accident near Harwick, no one knew where to find the Breakdown Train…  

In the end, the Fat Controller decided to relocate Judy and Jerome to Arlesburgh Yard so they can be at hand to tend to any emergencies on the west side of the island.

Rocky The Crane

Rocky is a cheerful big crane who wants to be friends with everyone on the Island of Sodor.  When he first arrived, some of the engines thought that because Rocky couldn't move on his own, he wouldn't be useful; but he soon proved everyone wrong when he managed to clear a pile of pipes off the line and lift Gordon back onto the track. Now everyone knows Rocky is a really useful crane, used greatly for maintenance and rescue operations around the railway. He continues being Really Useful still when he became part of the Sodor Search and Rescue centre alongside Harold, Captain, Butch and Flynn.

Hector the Hopper

Hector is one of the biggest and most modern trucks on the Fat Controller's railway. When he first arrived, he became the most fearsome and terrifying truck that the engines had ever encountered. Thomas soon found that Hector never meant to scare anyone; it was just that he was actually scared of being filled with coal for the first time. Now Hector is as useful as can be, and is no longer afraid of trying new things!

Hector's encounter with Thomas has made him different from most trucks - during one winter, Hector tried to warn James to take care when part of a stone train bound for Great Waterton. But James still didn't trust Hector and refused to listen to his advice, until he became stuck in a snowdrift. It was after Hector helped James to free them that he proved that "you can always rely on a good truck!"

The Slip Coaches

When Duck worked on the Great Western Railway, he used to pull Slip Coaches, which could be uncoupled at stations without stopping. These three ‘Slippies’ – two male, one female – became good friends with Duck, and were brought to Sodor when the Fat Controller needed help with the Summer traffic. 

The thing was that it was James who told the Fat Controller about Slip Coaches…but neglected to mention that he heard about them from Duck first, claiming the idea as his own. However, when the Slip Coaches realised that James didn’t know how to handle them, they refused to move until their old friend Duck offered to pull them instead.

Bradford the Brake Van lives and works on the Other Railway, usually with Samson the Strong Tank Engine.  Bradford not only knows all the rules of the railway, he regularly enforces them and has reputation among the trucks for being very firm – almost as if he were the Sergeant Major and they were his obedient soldiers!  Trucks don’t dare to misbehave when Bradford is on the end of their train!


But his officious nature can often upset the engines themselves, which can make them late.  However, he has the best interests of the railway at heart, and only does what he does because he cares, which is why Samson particularly appreciates him.