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Should the Railway Series get a second lease of life as eBooks?  Should Mark Moraghan or another gifted storyteller grace the microphone to tell more Railway Stories?  And who could lift the pen for further Railway Series adventures?  Give us your thoughts in our poll!






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Best Series of Thomas (Top 5)

1. Series 2
(32% of Votes)

2. Series 4
(20% of Votes)

3. Series 1
(14% Of Votes)

4. Series 3
(10% Of Votes)

5. Series 5
(5% Of Votes)

Thomas and Friends: The Worst Series

1. Series 15
(64% Of Votes)

2. Series 13
(9% Of Votes)

3. Series 8
(8% Of Votes)

4. Series 14
(5% Of Votes)

5. Series 12
(3% Of Votes)


The Best Of Series 15

1. Stop That Bus
(30% of Votes)

2. Stuck On You
(13% of Votes)

3. Edward The Hero
(10% Of Votes)

4. Tree Trouble
(7% Of Votes)

5. Fiery Flynn
(7% Of Votes)

The Worst Of Series 15

1. Wonky Whistle
(29% Of Votes)

2. Fiery Flynn
(21% Of Votes)

3. Up, Up & Away
(15% Of Votes)

4. Percy's New Friends
(4% Of Votes)

5. Kevin The Steamie
(3% Of Votes)