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The Rev. W. Awdry

Calling All Fans!
Before the Bookmark documentary and the written biography sharing the same title, Brian Sibley covered the Rev. Awdry's career in a BBC Radio 4 program broadcast the 15 May, 1986 with the title The Thomas the Tank Engine Man.  Fans can now listen to this cheerful radio documentary streamed through - Enjoy!



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Thomas The Tank Engine was originally created as part of the Railway Series books created by the Reverend Wilbert Awdry.  The original book - THE THREE RAILWAY ENGINES - was created as a set of three stories to occupy the mind of the Clergyman's three year old son, who was stricken down with measles at the time of writing.  It was published in 1945 and was shortly followed by THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE in 1946, introducing what was to spark a new title published under Awdry's name every year until 1972, tallying up a total of 26 books in his Railway Series, later to be undertaken by the same son, Christopher, adding another 14 titles to the Series bringing it to a grand total of 40 in 1996, from which point, the Railway Series books were discontinued and the Awdry family's involvement has been limited since sale of the copyright from the hands of the publishers, however, winning one victory with a new publication in 2007 and in 2011 to celebrate the centenary of the Rev. Awdry's birth.

1984 brought us the arrival of a new incarnation of Awdry's works in the form of the Television Series which has been in production across three incarnations of model and, as of 2009, CGI animation, across 25 years.  Holding 12 model based series, four in full CGI, a 13-episode spin-off series, a theatrical feature film, five feature length specials and participation in a UK No.1 Charity Single for BBC Children In Need (2009's Animated All-Stars release) to its credit, it is looking set to continue for many years to come, and currently going through its biggest spat of popularity since the 1980s when it was originally launched.

In 2004, Thomas was bought out by HIT Entertainment, home to Bob the Builder, which featurws Bob as the main character together with his group of friends and their vehicles which possessed anthromorphic or human traits. This was essentially similar to those of Thomas and his group of friends in Sodor Island and curently a line of Bob the Builder toys has gained popularity following the footsteps of the widely successful Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends line of merchandise and children's toys and books.

This website looks at many different aspects of Thomas The Tank Engine in depth, through essays, reviews, parodies, fan fiction, multimedia such as fan-dubbed episodes, music videos and much more.  I'd like to extend a debt of thanks to all who have contributed to its development, sent words of encouragement and to all the good people who have visited and kept on coming back to see the latest updates!

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