The Skarloey Railway

Home to four of Sodor's longest serving engines, and the longest serving independent railway on the Island - it's the Skarloey Railway

The Skarloey Railway

The Skarloey Railway

A Little About The Skarloey Railway

Throughout the ERS, the timeline of Skarloey Railway starts from 1980, and from there, goes on to address numerous changes on the railway which have shaped it well into the 21st Century.

While the railway has not received any extensions to its running length, it has seen a number of changes to its motive power stock-list, acquiring and then later (at different dates) moving two steam locomotives to the Mid Sodor Heritage Railway; receiving three new Diesels between 1989 and 2004, and of course, the building of the scratch-build locomotive, No.7 – Ivo Hugh, completed in mid-1996.


The composition of locomotives has also been varied over the years.  As part of a long-term agreement with the Talyllyn Railway, Peter Sam and Duncan have both seen long periods of service in Wales, away from the Skarloey Railway.  Peter Sam did make a brief return in 1996 before being sent back during a crisis period on the Mid Sodor Heritage Railway, which saw Edwin Richard called in to finish their extension to Ballamoddey.  Duncan has also been back from late 2007 undergoing boiler work, and returned to Wales for the 2010 season.


However, the locomotive composition of the railway is not the only thing that has changed throughout the ERS. The railway has also seen one of the biggest major changes to take place in either the Railway Series or Extended Railway Series - the changing of Railway Managers from 'Thin' to 'Tall' and back again... 

Read More About The Skarloey Railway

Click the link above to read more about the reinterpretations of Awdry canon throughout the 1960s to the present day, which have helped to shape and develop the Skarloey Railway within the Extended Railway Series.  

The stocklist for the Skarloey Railway has altered a few times throughout the Extended Railway Series timeline with a few comings and goings throughout.  Read about who stayed and who went.