The Peel Godred Branch Line

The Peel Godred Branch was only ever mentioned and never fully utilised in the Awdry Railway Series.  Therefore, it gave us an opportunity to expand a part of the Island of Sodor which was ‘canon’, but could be all our own at the same juncture in terms of storylines and characterisations.  The initial project was spearheaded by SiF’s first Admin, FatHatt in 2003 or 2004, before falling flat ultimately and never getting done.  The idea was revived several times over without success before Christopher finally produced the first Electric Engines volume for the ERS V2, with help from Simon and Ian.


However, given how much of a blank slate that Peel Godred was, it offered opportunity for the history of the line to be developed as well – in this case for an Extended Railway Series novel, written by Ian & Christopher, which charts the line from construction to present day.

Read about how the Peel Godred Branch Line came to be in our history of the railway.

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