The Norramby Branch Line

The Norramby Branch Line

The Norramby Branch Line

A Little About The Norramby Branch

The Norramby Branch was utilised in the ERS V1 simply to provide another string to our bow, and populate another section of the Sodor railway network.  In the V2, we decided it was time to give it a little more dignity and respect, and give it a fully fledged purpose to exist and be featured in our stories.


We decided it was a good opportunity to retcon the Branch Line and develop it as a Seaside resort branch, leading to the Norramby Miniature Railway and the quaint old seaside town of Norramby itself, which is undergoing regeneration in order to win back tourism from package holidays abroad.


Hunter and Eagle also became another great combination of characters to write for, with one difficult to deal with and the other slightly more amiable and easy-going.

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