The Norramby Miniature Railway

Norramby Miniature Railway

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Created by Ryan & Kyle

About the Norramby Miniature Railway

The Norramby Miniature Railway grew out of a part of the ERS V1 which had been poorly developed the first time around.  We had created a 2ft gauge railway based loosely on the Ffestiniog Railway in Wales, which was subsequently forgotten in future volumes.  The first incarnation of the book was removed from the Library at some point along the line, and replaced.


When the V2 came along, the opportunity was there to put this ‘fantasy railway’ in.  A completely new railway which would be all our own to create and develop.  There had been one genre of railway that the Rev Awdry and Christopher had never explored, and that was one set up with the sole interest of transporting tourists and acting as a novelty within the town it was situated in.


Kyle and Ryan began developing a new railway based loosely on the Fairbourne Miniature Railway in North Wales, and the Scarborough North Bay Railway in North Yorkshire, with elements of the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway thrown in for good measure, as a means of creating half-sized narrow gauge locomotives.


The result has been a set of new stories based around a tourist-based railway, which are quite unique to what would be possible on other existing railways on the Island of Sodor.

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