The Mid Sodor Heritage Railway

The Mid Sodor Heritage Railway was another excuse within the Extended Railway Series to create something completely brand new which had never been tried in the original Railway Series.

Three generations of the Awdry family have been active supporters of the Heritage Railway movement, and what better way to reflect this than having a volunteer-led organisation setting up the first Heritage Railway on the Island of Sodor?


The stories we are able to tell here are unique also, given that the railway is rebuilding the route over a number of years, and the terminus is always subject to change.  These are always exciting and trying times for volunteer-led Heritage Railways, which create great stories for the history of the railway, as past examples such as the Ffestiniog Railway, Corris Railway and the new Welsh Highland Railway have both shown, given the trials and tribulations associated with rebuilding and acquiring new stock and motive power.

It has also given us a reason to bring back a forgotten ERS character from our first incarnation, who was forgotten in the midst of the storytelling and free-flow of content that followed.  Evan the Private Engine was brought back to serve as a new member of the Mid Sodor Heritage Railway alongside new character, Buzz the Diesel.  As well as this, the redeployment of a character from the Skarloey Railway, Edwin Richard – and a completely new-build tank engine based on a long-lost member of the 2ft 3in gauge, Rognvald.

Click the link above to read more about the trials and tribulations associated with the reopening of the Mid Sodor Heritage Railway, and the ongoing work to reopen more sections of the railway.

Click the link above to find out more about the engines on the Mid Sodor Heritage Railway, their individual histories prior to arriving there.