The ERS In Trainz

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The first Extended Railway Series character to be adapted for use as a Trainz model was Brad the American Engine.  Brad had been randomly picked as the leading player in The Tidmouth Lightningbolt, an audio drama combining the Railway Series, Extended Railway Series and Television Series universes into one.  I had asked Ciremi to help me write the production, and mid-way through, he suggested we produce it for screen using Trainz.  Personally, I was wary of the idea, knowing the number of characters we’d need created for our own personal use.

 As the leading player, Brad was finished first.  For months, Ciremi played with the character in numerous short skits for YouTube to promote the upcoming feature.  Sadly, nothing ever came of the Tidmouth Lightningbolt as a screen production.  However, throughout Ciremi’s short films, Brad’s personality developed and we began to adopt the characteristics that Ciremi had given him into the Extended Railway Series volumes which were then being written and rewritten as part of the ERS Overhaul.

Brad started out in life as Trainz 06 model, but was later upgraded to a Trainz 09 model instead, with a higher level of detail, and some modifications to make him look even better.  Even though he had no direct involvement whatsoever within the ERS Overhaul, it would be very fair to say that Ciremi had the greatest influence over a character’s development out of anyone!

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