ERS 97 - Sodor Castle Returns

ERS 97 - Sodor Castle Returns - Ryan

This particular book was written to follow up the Sodor Castle & The Rail Tour volume, back in 2007, both of which were released similtaneously.  This details what happened when Sodor Castle was away on the Mainland and what he got up to there.



This story was written as a means of showcasing the jealous, but friendly, rivalry between Sodor Castle and Gordon again.  Sodor Castle is due back from his Rail Tour duties, and Gordon isn’t best pleased at the pomp and circumstance that is being laid on for him.  To make him even crosser still, Jinty is busy across the yard and he has to shunt his own coaches back to the carriage shed.  However, he slips on the rails when trying to slow down and finds himself skidding right through the wall of the shed.



Sodor Castle explains the complex nature of the Other Railway under privatisation, and the difficulties he had encountered with commuter trains.  One in particular is continually holding him up, and in turn, is impacting upon the rest of his journey – making the completion of Rail Tour duties all the more difficult.  And when important guests are onboard, and need to make a connection at the other end of the line, Sodor Castle’s time keeping becomes all the more important.  So, he uses the same psychology that worked on Flying Fox, and ‘challenges’ the commuter train to run to time – a challenge which he gladly accepts and unwittingly helps Sodor Castle!



I make no excuses here, at the time, I was struggling for a break and this seemed like a logical answer – and so I adapted James’s Traffic Jam from one of the Thomas Annuals.  Sodor Castle is running on another route with a set of coaches specially designated for running here.  However, there are a spate of disagreements between them, and bad blood rages throughout the week.  And when the emergency brake comes on during the middle of a run, bringing the train to an abrupt stop, Sodor Castle and the coaches blame each other – only to find that it was a visitor pulling the emergency cord, confusing it with a means of getting refreshments.



On a cold, wet and windy day, Sodor Castle is taking a train through a Mountain track, and in the distance, he and his crew see a flare fly into the sky further along their route.  Their train is held at the station because of a landslide blocking the line ahead, meaning that they would have no reason to venture any further along the line if it weren’t for the intervention of the Mountain Rescue team, who require their help to reach some stranded men, stuck on the side of a mountain.