ERS 95 - Vector The Diesel Engine

ERS 95 - Vector The Diesel Engine - Jimbobdunnie

 Edited for the ERS V2 by Ryan

Summaries by Christopher



Written by Ryan
Peter Sam has been invited to run special trains on the Mid Sodor Heritage Railway, leaving Buzz free to continue the new extension to Ulfstead Road. Evan, however, feels sidelined and longs to pull trains again. When Peter Sam suffers a steam leak, Evan gets his chance; but the steep line and heavy train overpower him and he runs out of puff on the hill. Buzz helps Evan finish the journey, but it gives the Manager plans to find a more powerful engine to run the Mountain Road.

The new engine soon arrives, a massive narrow gauge diesel called Vector, brought on trial to decipher what this railway should actually do; maintain the original heritage appearance or adapt to modern times. Vector is sure of the latter, having been inspired by other diesels of the past to overrule steam engines. But he notices how popular the steam engines already are to the passengers, and his attempts to bring Buzz onto the “dark side” are shot down almost immediately. Vector then begins to scheme...

Vector's first part of his plan soon comes into action. Buzz is used every morning to arrange the coaches for the steam engines as the diesels are easier to start first. So when Vector offers himself to handle Buzz's shunting one morning, he deliberately makes a mess of it, and then pretends that Buzz gave him little help at all, complaining of how a big diesel like him is being wasted with minimal shunting. So the Manager decides to let Vector run Buzz's works trains up to the extension site. Buzz is furious at Vector's double-cross, but Peter Sam comes up with a plan of his own...

Buzz puts Peter Sam's idea into action, first pretending to apologise to Vector and agree to get rid of the steam engines – and provide some solid advice: to give a hearty toot when he should arrive at the building site to announce his arrival. Of course, Vector doesn't know that the men are blasting rock and required full concentration. But Vector's loud arrival upsets the latest blasting job, which goes disastrously wrong. Vector is blamed, but Buzz and Peter Sam are also scolded for their silly trick. The Manager decides that they still need a stronger engine for the Heritage Line...but another diesel is clearly not the answer, much to Vector's fury!