ERS 93 - The Small Railway Gala

ERS 93 - The Small Railway Gala - Chris The Xelent

The Arlesdale Railway has just held its annual Gala Weekend. All but two of the engines took part. Bassett the museum engine had failed the day before. But Rex, Bert & Jock reveal that Mike had suffered more serious trouble involving a car at a level crossing.  Based on the numerous crashes that have occured on the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway in Kent, England.

Mike wasn’t the only one who suffered problems a few days before the gala. The other engines inform Bassett of Sigrid’s embarrassing incident regarding some runaway coaches. The results were quite surreal!  Based on an incident from the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway where a set of coaches broke away from their train - fortunately with no passengers.


When told about the return of an unwanted visitor, Bassett isn’t too pleased. But when informed about a road accident during his journey to the railway, and his subsequent change in behavior, the old engine recollects that old habits still die hard.  Based on an incident from the Fairbourne Railway's former No.24, which has since been regauged to 15 inch from 12.75 inch, which rolled off the back of a lorry during a visit to the Ravenglass & Eskdale.


When Jock is introduced to a pair of guest engines from the mainland, he’s likened more to a toy than an engine. But when both guests fail at the end of the gala, it’s up to that toy to take them and their passengers home.  Based on an incident on the Welsh Highland Railway during an SiF trip, where the K1 Garratt was helped by one of the younger ones haul two trains back up the line to Dinas in 2008, after becoming trapped at Rhyd Ddu by high flood water.