ERS 92 - Road Museum Vehicles

ERS 92 - Road Museum Vehicles - Christopher

This was a delightfully fun book to put together and makes a change to break away from the rails with further storytelling. What started out as a stand alone story soon snowballed into another attraction for Sodor with gracious thanks to Ryan's encouragement and ideas to bring this to life.

The story that started it all – a new Transport Museum is built near Norramby Town, where the Miniature Engines work. Here you'll find old friends like Bertie, his friend Algy, Caroline the Car, old trams, taxies and cars...and even steam vehicles like George the Steamroller! George is not happy with being “retired” from the roads and longs to do one last proper job. He gets his chance when he is called to delivery supplies after a lorry breaks down – but the heavy trailer overpowers him, and George careers out of control down the hill where he winds up in someone's back garden, demolishing their wall as a result!
Surprisingly, there have been several incidents of steamrollers running out of control on hills and each with a different aftermath – but the real inspiration for this was from a famous incident by Fred Dibnah, who stopped his roller by running it into a concrete post!

The Transport Museum prepare for a Vintage Rally in the Norramby region, which keep Bertie, Algy and the Miniature engines busy with more visitors to transport. On one occasion, however, Algy claims to have seen what looked like a steam engine running about where are no rails. The other vintage vehicles scoff at this, until during a parade in the town, everyone is surprised when a steam lorry veers out of no where and nearly causes a mischief...

The story of the mysterious steam vehicle becomes clear. The Miniature Railway Engines have been busy, too, building a new tea room near the end of their line. But whilst taking down an old shed, the men are very surprised to find an old steam lorry hidden inside! She introduces herself as Guinevere, who can't remember who she belongs. They soon put her to good use, though, helping to collect supplies from the Harbour required to build the new Tea Shop. And it was during one of her runs that she had her run-in with the Vintage Rally Parade, who become very interested in this find...
As with Rosie, this was another experiment of brining another TV Series character into the Extended Railway Series – Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry, with the same attitude and backstory as her debut episode. However, this proved rather uncomfortable amongst the Staff, who agreed that it would prompt other writers to try and introduce further TV Series characters; some whose counterparts would look very out of place or impossible to “discover” in modern times. So Ryan and I settled to change to Guinevere instead.

The last week of the Vintage Rally takes place near the Miniature Railway to celebrate the opening of their new Tea Room. And as a reward for her valuable services in its construction, the Manager agrees to donate Guinevere to the Norramby Transport Museum, where she remains to this day. At the very least, she's the only one who can keep George in order!