ERS 90 - Thomas & The International Railway Gala

ERS 90 - Thomas & The International Railway Gala - Ryan


Thomas has been invited to America to take part in an International Railway Festival.  As he is due to be shipped with numerous other engines, he is asked to make his way to Liverpool, and on the way, stays for a few days at a Heritage Railway.  Before this, Thomas has been surprised to see an advert in his Driver’s newspaper for a Day Out With Thomas event, and asks the engines on the Heritage Railway about them.  The following day, when one of the engines on the steam service breaks down, Thomas has to go and rescue the train – giving the visitors an impromptu Day Out With Thomas!



Thomas arrives in the United States and meets up with a working museum group of International Engines, a collection of locomotives from across the world.  For health and safety reasons, Thomas is fitted with a cow-catcher and bell for the duration of his stay, which leads to some confusion as to whether or not it really is Thomas or a replica.  However, the Fat Controller has a plan – and the following day, Thomas is on the front page of the newspaper with the headline: THOMAS THE YANK ENGINE on the cover.



This was a story which examined different customs and language barriers.  Helga the German Engine introduces Thomas to a German narrow gauge engine called Fritz, who is also attending the Festival.  Despite Helga having to translate for them both, Thomas and Fritz become good friends, and find themselves running alongside one another during one of the events.  However, when the two reach a crossover point in the track, Fritz doesn’t slow down in time, causing Thomas to make an emergency stop – and he blames Fritz for nearly causing an accident.  But when Helga explains it was all a misunderstanding, Thomas decides to put things right with Fritz, who promises to be more careful in future.



After the Railway Festival is over, Thomas is making his way back from the Mainland when he is confronted by a large herd of stray cows on the line ahead.  With no means of shifting them out of the way, he and his crew decide to alert the Farmer’s attention.  They do this by using Thomas’s smoke as morse code, with the Fireman using his shovel to code a message and hopefully alert the Farmer to their SOS.  Sure enough, it works, and he gets the cows off the line for Thomas and his crew.  Thomas is given a hero’s welcome when he returns to the Junction, and finds he has gone down a storm in America!