ERS 87 - Henry the Mixed Traffic Engine

ERS 87 - Henry the Mixed Traffic Engine - Truro

Edited For The ERS V2 By Ryan

Story Summaries By Christopher


Henry is sent to take a “pitifully small load” for the extended loop section near Thomas's Junction; an additional road bridge makes visibility from the station platform difficult. When Henry arrives, a Porter – new to the railway – orders Henry to run round his train and clear the line for Edward to save time. Unfortunately, he neglects to inform the Signalman about it, and Edward is signalled through where upon he collides with Henry on the Main Line. No one is hurt and no damage is done – except to Henry's pride.

The Fat Controller arranges a special train for a friend's birthday and orders Henry to pull it. Henry forgets to be cross and begins cheering up. However, on the night he sets off with the excursion, the bar coach suffers a power failure, and Henry is forced to stop at Edward's Station to replace it himself. The passengers disembark the train before the shunting operation except one...who gets a nasty shock when the coaches suddenly bang together and the unfortunate gentleman gets covered with foods and drink from the replacement bar coach!

Stormy weather arrives on Sodor, and the other engines tease Henry of the time he was shut up in a tunnel because of the rain. To add insult to injury, the weather delays Thomas meeting with Henry at the Junction. Thomas warns Henry to take care on Gordon's Hill, but Henry is confident that he could manage better than him. He manages the hill easily – but at a cost when his connecting rod fractures and causes a hold-up on the Main Line. Eventually, BoCo arrives to take over the train, and Henry is shunted into a siding ahead of the faulty bar coach, exposed to the downpour and complaining about his rotten luck...

Henry is still sulking as his crew try to lift his spirits - “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Amongst some passengers waiting at the station halt is a young man and his pregnant wife, who suddenly goes into labour. Acting quickly, they take her into the bar coach (which had just recently cleaned and repaired) and attach Henry's brake pipe for electricity and heating. The Station Staff bring up a Doctor, and throughout it all, Henry forgets his troubles and worries about what more he could do to help. Eventually, the Doctor delivers the baby safely, and an Ambulance takes the happy couple and their infant to the hospital.
A few weeks later when Henry is mended, the couple arrive with their new baby to thank Henry for being their “blessing in disguise” – and to add to their gratitude, they also name their child after him.