ERS 85 - Record Breaking Engines

ERS 85 - Record Breaking Engines - Ryan


Gordon, Henry and Sodor Castle are invited by the Fat Controller to compete for the Sodor Speed Record, to celebrate the anniversary of it being set.  Gordon and Henry grimace when they recall that 98462, one of the original engines on the railway, set the record by running recklessly with a passenger train. 98462's high speeds, however, left the Dining Car of the Express in shambles, and was never allowed to pull passengers again - however, he still retained the record!


Henry is the first engine to attempt the record, however, his first attempt to build up speed is foiled by sheep on the line, and then, his dreams are finally crushed completely when air leaks into the Brake Coach’s brake pipe, causing the train to come to a slow but steady stop on Gordon’s Hill.



With Henry out of the way, Sodor Castle takes his attempt to break the record.  However, he ends up going too fast and rolls over the points to the Norramby Branch, bypassing the Main line and taking the long way round to Henry’s Tunnels.  He has to slow down significantly and finds that he has missed his path on the Main Line – he will have to proceed along the Branch and forget the record!



With both Sodor Castle and Henry out of the way, Gordon sees the record as being his to take.  However, even he is due to be plagued with problems as the record eludes all three Express Engines.  Sadly for Gordon, his injectors fail and water cannot get through into the boiler to make steam – he too is forced to abandon the record in the interests of safety.



All three engines are disappointed about not being able to break the record, but the Fat Controller tries to lift their spirits by allowing them to triple-head a special train to Barrow, where the celebrations will take place.  This time, all three engines set their differences aside and work together to show that, although they may not be Record Breakers, they are still really useful engines.  But the Fat Controller has a surprise when they reach the end of the line – the three engines have achieved an ‘average’.  Unwittingly, all three engines have completed their run of the Express duties in the fastest time ever, breaking the average speed from section to section overall!  They are Record Breaking Engines after all!