ERS 83 - Small Railway Discoveries

ERS 83 - Small Railway Discoveries - Old Square Wheels

Edited For The ERS V2 by Ryan

Summaries Written by Christopher


Since Blister I returned to the Small Railway, the other engines forgive him after hearing the story of Blister II, but he is still unhappy. When Mike is sent to take part in a gala, Blister I helps Bert run the ballast trains; but the trucks make things difficult for the small diesel. Oliver's advice on handling trucks is; “If you can't beat them, join them”, remembering how he and Toad taught their own trucks a lesson. So that's what Blister I and his Driver do; when the trucks try to push him down the hill he instead picks up speed! By the time they finish their run safely, it's the poor trucks who are left shaking for a change!

News arrives that Mike is coming home from the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway, and the Small Engines are delighted. Meanwhile, Rex has to stop suddenly when a man and his dog wind up on the line. Unfortunately, their emergency stop seizes up the air brakes, so Blister I is sent to help the train on. They arrived back just as Mike returns home – and he is not alone either...

When Mike is unloaded from his truck, the others discover another boxy-looking engine in the workshops underneath a tarpaulin. They all speculate on who the “mystery box” was until the Small Controller reveals all in a grand unveiling in the station yard, complete with photographers – the “box” turns out to be Blister II. He had been rebuilt from the ground up, looking as smart as his own twin. But it is clear that the memory of the accident have made Blister II bitter towards Blister I, who feels he still hasn't learnt sense

As the Blister Twins begin shunting in the yard, Blister II still doesn't trust Blister I, despite the other engines telling him otherwise. But while shunting trucks up to the chute, Blister II hits a bad patch of track and derails, hanging dangerously over the embankment above the Standard Gauge line. Blister I is nearby and saves Blister II from going over. Later that night, Blister II apologises for his ignorance and realises that Blister I has become a sensible engine. At last, the twins are back together with their past left behind.