ERS 81 - Cheeky Little Engines

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ERS 81 - Cheeky Little Engines - Christopher

Heavy rains have made work difficult, especially for Bill and Ben. The China Clay works are flooded and many of the workmen are off sick from work. Soon, Ben feels poorly himself when bad coal blocks his smokebox. Bill jokes that he's caught a “sneezle”, and Ben, remembering how Henry taught some silly boys a lesson, decides to try a good sneeze to clear out the soot. It works, but winds up covering some unfortunate workmen close by as a result!

The Manager agrees to send Bill and Ben to work on Thomas's Line until the clay pits can be drained of floodwaters. The twins work hard at Croarie Sidings, both handling the stone trains, until Ben has an unfortunate incident when a clumsy lorry knocks a water tower over him, soaking him from funnel to cab. Bill laughs even more, until he gets a soaking himself at Knapford harbour when a passing tramper sends a tidal wave over the low quay...

Percy is proud when his post train route is extended to run on to the Big Station at Tidmouth. Bill and Ben tease him about stowaways and “warn” him of the trouble they cause. Percy isn't worried at first, but a faulty door on one of his vans and an overexcited dog give him quite a shock later on. All the same, Percy doesn't mention to Bill and Ben that his “stowaway” turns out to be a harmless dog, which keeps the pair quiet!

Bill and Ben are delighted when they are told that they can head home to the Clay Pits. Along the way, they are sent to take a line of rusting ballast trucks to the scrapyards. All goes well until one of the trucks loses its front wheels at the level crossing. But with help from Dennis the Diesel Roller, they secure the damaged truck and Bill and Ben, working together, bring the train safely home.

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