ERS 78 - Warrior the Colliery Engine

ERS 78 - Warrior The Colliery Engine - Stuart

Edited For The ERS V2 By Ryan

Story Summaries By Christopher


Recalling Wilbert's visit to Sodor years ago (WTFE No.38), Duck and Oliver wonder what became of the Fat Controller's plans of bringing in a new engine to help out. Their question is soon answered when the new “odd-job” engine finally arrives – Warrior, an ex-colliery saddletank engine. Once the Great Western engines show him around Warrior quickly proves himself very useful, especially after rescuing Duck's passenger train when Duck suffers a breakdown.

Duck and Oliver warm to Warrior quickly, and urge him to tell them all about his adventures – following the Second World War, Warrior was sold to a colliery in East Lancashire alongside another saddletank called Vincent, where the pair were often at the mercy of the trucks lead by one known as “Old King Coal”. However, the day comes when one of Old King Coal's tricks finally put an end to the trucks' mischief!

As time passes, Warrior recalls, work in the colliery becomes smaller and smaller. Soon, he and Vincent are the only engines left, until Warrior's cylinder cover is blown off and he is shunted into the shed to await repairs. But they never occurred, and instead Vincent and Warrior are eventually sold to a heritage railway where Warrior was displayed on a plinth instead to await for a long-term restoration. Then one day the Fat Controller arrives and buys up Warrior to be repaired and set to work on his railway. Oliver is in agreement when Warrior adds; “I preferred the opportunity to be up and running again. Surely that’s what all engines really want?”

Warrior's trials prove very successful as he eventually starts work helping Edward on his Line. Then one day, thanks to a careless Fireman, Henry runs away down the line without his crew. Warrior immediately goes after Henry to prevent an accident. He chases Henry up Gordon's Hill where he is coupled to the brake van and uses all his strength to slow the train down before they reach the next station. Everyone cheers for Warrior, and the Fat Controller rewards him with a new coat of paint.