ERS 77 - Edwin Richard & The Heritage Railway

ERS 77 - Edwin Richard & The Heritage Railway - Ryan & Jimbobdunnie

This volume was an attempt on my part to try and re-engage Jimbobdunnie with the ERS in it’s current form.  Jimbob had been away from the forum for a while, but was keen to get back into the swing of things again.  So, we agreed in view of the fact that I would be editing the updated version of his original volume, which was due to be retconned as a Mid-Sodor Heritage volume, that we would collaborate on this book to break him back in again.



Written by Ryan

This story had been mooted by Loey Machan sometime before as a means of getting Edwin Richard moved from the Skarloey Railway and into a new capacity on the Mid Sodor Heritage.  In the end, I went along with it and wrote the story myself to have Buzz caught up in a landslide, derailing and falling into the river, causing extensive damage.



Written by Jimbobdunnie

We decided to tie into Railway Series continuity here.  Given that this volume was set in 1996, around the same time as New Little Engine, we needed a convenient excuse to remove Edwin Richard from the equation and explain the timeline as well as his absence from illustrations.  The story takes heart from the animosity felt toward the Welsh Highland Railway throughout the period of its rebuilding with sabotage attempts and protests being made by angry farmers and local people.  In the story, Edwin Richard reluctantly arrives on the Mid Sodor and falls out with Bottom the Landrover.  But when the angry farmers sabotage the water supply at Ballamoddey, Bottom is on hand to deliver some fresh water to fill Edwin Richard’s tanks.



Written by Jimbobdunnie & Ryan

This story was written as a bit of a fantasy one.  A lorry is proving ever so slightly unruly in the yard and giving poor Evan a hard time of it when he’s shunting.  However, his game of ‘Chicken’ comes to an abrupt end when Evan is shunting trucks ‘loose’ , and despite Evan making a sudden stop, the trucks roll on and whack into the lorry, sending him spinning around!



Written by Ryan

This story was based on a real life event which I witnessed personally. The fire inside the station’s  roof was an incident that took place back in 2000 following the ‘Foot and Mouth’ outbreak, where members of the Mountain Bothy Association made a fire in an upstairs fireplace – the fire escalated from embers or sparks throughout the day and eventually had to be put out by my uncles, cousins and I.  In the story, Edwin Richard is perturbed by stories of a ghost who haunts the hills near to Ballamoddey station, which served as a Bothy for hillwalkers after the railway closed.  However, when he sees a flickering light inside the station whilst doing a night run, he is pressed into action to save the station ahead of the grand opening.