ERS 76 - Laggan the Highland Engine

ERS 76 - Laggan the Highland Engine - Ryan

At the time of writing the original volume, I had my own independent series called Laggan Railway, which has been defunct since 2006 or so.  I decided to include my character in the Extended Railway Series to try and build the fanbase through a crossover adventure, which didn’t work out as I had hoped for.  I decided to keep the volume in the ERS for the V2.



Laggan arrives on the Island of Sodor for a publicity tour to promote a new book about his railway.  However, he’s upset that he will not be running anything greater than short excursion trains when he is itching for a nice long run.  But when Brad causes Thomas to have an accident and derail, the opportunity is there for Laggan to step in and fill his place whilst he is being repaired.



The title is based on the film Driving Miss Daisy, which I must confess, I have never seen.  Daisy is offended that Laggan’s railway seems to ostracise Diesels into a secondary role, and does not gel well with the visitor.  However, when Daisy encounters engine trouble and cannot run the first train, Laggan conceives the novel idea of pulling her... much to Daisy’s great dislike.



When Thomas returns home, Laggan is sent to work at Norramby, where the circus has arrived with two old friends of his – Charlie the clown and Nellie the elephant.  Eagle finds he has a particularly difficult relationship with Nellie, who keeps blowing her trunk as he passes by.  Eagle pays her out by blowing his whistle and startles Nellie, much to the annoyance of Laggan and Hunter.  But when Hunter breaks down, and help is needed to shunt the circus train ready for its next show at Kellsthorpe, Nellie is pressed into action to save the day – and wins the favour of Eagle at last.



The final story sees a short documentary being filmed, with the mountainous region of Peel Godred Branch being used as a backdrop to substitute for the Highlands.  The Director, in the usual style, he is a bit of a ‘darling’ and a diva, striving for perfection in his filming.  However, when he goes too far to get a shot he wants, he finds himself in the river and holding on for dear life.  Laggan and his crew bravely rescue him and haul him to safety.  The following day, Laggan is honoured at the book launch.