ERS 75 - Sudrian Twin Engines

ERS 75 - Sudrian Twin Engines - Old Square Wheels

Edited For The ERS V2 By Ryan

Story Summaries By Christopher


Work on the Small Railway becomes so strenuous that the Small Controller is forced to bring back “Blister I”, a diesel engine which none of the others are happy to see again. Donald sees why when Blister I becomes grumpy and impatient with how slow everyone is working. Together with Douglas, he and Donald decide to take a leaf out of Bill and Ben's book and trick Blister I into thinking he's seeing double. However, the Fat Controller does not approve of their games and decides to separate the Scottish Twins for a while...

With Ben away for repairs, Bill has to put up with Douglas to help in the Harbour Yard. Douglas, still angry at being so far from Donald, becomes irritable and snappy at Bill, complaining about him being too small and slow to work with. But it's Edward who explains the reason why Donald is so unhappy, which Bill himself realises – they miss their twins. And they soon make amends, especially after when Douglas saves Bill from a near miss with the trucks.

Ben has repaired and sent to help Donald temporarily on Duck's Branch Line. There they meet Blister I again, who is sorry for his previous behaviour. Blister I then explains why the other Small Engines aren't happy to see him back – years ago, Blister I and his own twin, Blister II, were brought first to build the line and, eventually, were kept as spare engines for the ballast trains. Blister I always thought Blister II was a boring fuddy-duddy and tried to run the trains his way. But when taking too many trucks at once, they breakaway down the hill and crash into Blister II, seemingly beyond repair. Blister I was sent away to another railway on the Mainland, but he still carries the guilt for his foolishness, and wonders if he'd ever see his twin again...

Overtime, winter arrives and the railway becomes covered in heavy snow. With Ballast and China Clay traffic declining, Donald and Ben are delighted to help on Edward's Line and reunite with their twins again. Meanwhile Douglas is given a chance to stretch his wheels by taking a goods train to the Other Railway. But along the way, he becomes buried in an avalanche in the valley. Donald is sent with workmen to rescue him, while Ben helps Bill to keep trains from the harbour running. At last, all four engines arrive back safely at Edward's Station where the Fat Controller congratulates them all; he decides they can go back to working together again – so long as there are no more silly tricks!