ERS 74 - Odd Job Engines

ERS 74 - Odd Job Engines - Christopher

This was another chance for development in continuity and characters. Duck feels restless and needs a change. He learns to be careful what to wish for when heavy rain and high tides threaten to wash the coastline away, damaging the track. As such, the Little Western is temporarily closed, forcing Duck and Oliver to work elsewhere while the repairs are done.

This delightful story was another once-in-a-lifetime occurrence that simply begged to be penned! In South London, 2004, a skip lorry's cab ended up in a tree when it tried to lift two heavy skips, upended by the weight after the chains broke. Thus we are introduced to Rocky, a skip lorry who literally finds himself “up a gum tree” by the exact same event word from word. It certainly brings a smile to Oliver's face while on Thomas's Line!

With Oliver working on Thomas's Line, Duck is sent to Edward's, acting as a Banker Engine; helping heavy trains over Gordon's Hill. On one occasion, he is surprised to see a familiar face from the past – Diesel 199 (alias “Spamcan”) is not pleased to return to Sodor after Henry's “Super Rescue” event all those years ago. But it seems he still hasn't learnt sense when he neglects Duck's help and winds up stuck on the hill as a result!

At last, news arrives that maintenance work on the Little Western is nearing completion, and Duck and Oliver are delighted to be going home. However, Sodor Castle runs into trouble with the Express; checking suddenly to avoid an accident, his brakeblocks jam solid. Fortunately, Duck and Oliver are close by, and act as a triple-header to keep the brakes off, bringing the train back on schedule and arriving home in a spectacular manner.