ERS 71 - The Unusual Miniature Engine

ERS 71 - The Unusual Miniature Engine - Ryan & Kyle

Summaries by Kyle

Introduction by Ryan


This was the second volume of our Norramby Miniature Railway stories.  By this point, we knew who the characters were, but we wanted to build up the dynamic between them a little.  Therefore, inspired by the North Bay Railway in Scarborough, we created Atlanta, a Steam-Outline Diesel locomotive, to be the railway's fourth engine.



Written by Ryan
Due to the early success of the railway, the committee decide to invest in the construction of a fourth locomotive, much to the relief of the three engines present. However, a busy period occurs before the new engine is completed and, as works are being conducted to Main Street in Norramby, the Sodor Road Heritage Museum agree to help ease digestion by running buses to between the Beach Halt and Ballahoo station. But when Hunter hits a car on the level crossing and blocks both the railway line and the only exit from the station car park, it comes down to the Miniature Engines to get the passengers to the Beach Halt to allow the Heritage buses to take them home. Based on a similar incident on the Fairbourne Railway in 2009.


Written by Ryan & Kyle
As the new engine nears completion Nero and Louise begin to argue about whether it will be a steam or diesel locomotive, with each claiming to have seen the different motive powers’ parts respectively and within a few days are introduced to Atlanta, an Atlantic steam engine with a spunky personality. Meanwhile, Nero complains about all of the children about the railway during the holiday period, and becomes more that annoyed with them when he runs over a tyre cheekily left on the line, placing the blame upon a group of cycling youths. Upon hearing a diesel engine coming to rescue him, he is more than shocked to find Atlanta trundling up the line towards him who explains that she is a steam-outline diesel. He becomes even more embarrassed upon hearing that the tyre was not left by children but fell off a passing lorry, though thankfully for him the boys aren’t in a teasing mood!



Written by Ryan & Kyle
The relationship between Nero and Atlanta continues in a rocky manner, with the Garratt upset that the new diesel has taken away some of his passenger duties. During a Bank Holiday Nero takes great pleasure in a child’s calling Atlanta a “fake engine” for not making steam, and teases her relentlessly that evening. The next day tensions between the two engines are high, but Atlanta sees the balance restored when Nero scares the same child while letting off steam, making him cry out to travel behind her. Happily the two engines are able to make their peace in the shed that night.



Written by Ryan
A group of vandals trash the station and yard of the Miniature Railway, much to the disgust of the engines and staff. However, due to a lack of leads the Police are unable to assist, causing Louise to come up with a plan to see an end to the hi-jinx – a plan the Manager agrees to. A few nights later Atlanta is left outside the shed, covered in tarpaulins, when the crooks arrive. Mistaking her for a steam engine, they are startled when she blasts her horns and quickly starts her motor, signalling for the hidden staff members to turn on the floodlights and catch the criminals in the act! The young trouble makers soon learned a valuable lesson – and had a lot of time to contemplate it whilst clearing the mess they made!