ERS 69 - Winston the Diesel Hydraulic Engine

ERS 69 - Winston the Diesel Hydraulic Engine - Fox

In which the first new mainline diesel character of the second ERS chronology is introduced. ‘Winston’ is likely my flagship contribution to the ERS; I felt somewhat that such a refined, powerful, unique and characterful locomotive class was missing from the RWS-ERS. This I felt had to be amended somehow. Winston was the result.
The Fat Controller has finally managed to bring a Western to Sodor on a permanent basis This engine is one of the two catalysts that lead to the creation of a special Research and Development unit for diesel-hydraulics at the Works - and it does not take long for this grandiose engine to make his mark and lay down the gauntlet to his challengers to prove that he is a Really Useful Engine!

Gordon is in charge of his Express ad is running well to time until it’s time to leave the Big Station that connects to the Other Railway! Humiliated by two ugly diesels, it does not take long for a golden-ochre interloper to roll in to the tune of Maybach engines and save the day...

The ‘interloper’ is a somewhat aloof ‘Western’ who assures Gordon that he infact respects and treats steam engines as comrades and equals – unlike most diesels from his day. Gordon relaxes and gets to know the new engine better. In turn the new engine recalls the tragic story about the time when he tried to save a GWR King class 4-6-0 locomotive so that preservationists could save him. Gordon is suitably impressed -and so is the Fat Controller when Winston brings home the Express singlehandedly.

While Gordon is being mended, Winston takes over his duties and meets the other mainline engines. Some take a like to him -but surprisingly Bear and Sodor Castle, of all the engines are deeply suspicious of who Winston is, unsure whether he was a ‘Swindoner’ or a Crewe-built ‘Western’ locomotive. Unfortunatly a disagreement spirals into an all out argument and Winston is sent to Duck’s branch line. But on the way Sodor Castle finds doubt of his original suspicions...

Winston stays the night in Duck’s shed ad is befriended by the Little Western engines, who immediately are able to verify that Winston was telling the truth all along. Absolved of any doubt, Winston is set to work on the Little Western and attracts many enthusiasts. But the most surprising attraction of is all the silence he gets from the line’s most troublesome trucks!

It is Winston’s Naming Ceremony and Winston is set to take a train of Important People, including the Member of Parliament for Sodor East. It is here that the Diesel-Hydraulic Advance Project is unveiled and that the shadowy Chief Engineer of this, Thomas Yeoman is introduced. Winston has to overcome difficulty when he suffers from an engine unit failure – but triumphs over adversity with thanks to a special design feature and his own iron will! Finally he and Sodor Castle make their peace and Winston comes ‘home’ to Tidmouth Sheds, now a firmly established member of the family.