ERS 64 - Winter Engines

ERS 64 - Winter Engines - Christopher

This story was based from an incident from Driffield Staithes, 1981, when a Diesel ran into trouble whilst trying to rescue a derailed brake van, the crew realising too late that the rails in the siding were cast iron and the track buckled under the weight. This sparked off an idea to base a volume in winter, where Bear suffered the exact same problem as above when performing a rescue at Wellsworth.

Following from the last story, Henry thinks Bear's incident a joke, which Bear takes quite personally. But Henry is soon laughing on the other side of his smokebox when a Relief Driver misinterprets a signal and, due to frozen points, Henry is run off the line at trap-points. So it is Bear's turn to laugh at him. This, again, was based from an incident at Shawford in 1952.

Bear and Henry's feud worsens as does the weather, with heavy snow blocking the lines. I thought it would serve the Sudrian Main Line nicely for them to start using a special machine which blows the snow off the line as do the British Railway. Bear manages to get back at Henry by covering him in snow off guard!

The bases for this final story came at a continent time. When I visited the Talyllyn Railway in 2008 / 09, I managed to obtain several vintage Talyllyn News magazines, filled with the “latest news” back then. It mentioned of several DMUs, in 1982, respectfully becoming derailed or stranded by heavy snow in Takybont, Tonfanau and Tywyn in Wales. It seemed perfect to end the Henry and Bear feud – Bear is sent to take stranded passengers home, gets caught in a midnight blizzard and Henry comes to his rescue where they make up and become friends again.