ERS 63 - Kaiser the Fireless Engine

ERS 63 - Kaiser The Fireless Engine - The Old Bean

Edited for the ERS V2 by Ryan

Summaries by Christopher


The Big Engines become intrigued, one day, when the Fat Controller requests Sodor Castle to pick up a “very special train” from the end of the line. Fuelled by jealousy, James causes a delay for Sodor Castle, resulting in him to go instead. But James's hopes are quickly thrashed when his “special” turns out to be an old American Fireless Engine named Kaiser, restored especially to work at the new Oil Refinery. James is not pleased, especially when Kasier puts the boastful red engine in his place very quickly!

Kasier arrives at the refinery, and Mavis is brought back to show him around. However, she wasn't to know that Kasier has a secret – a paranoia of diesels; just the sight of Mavis, BoCo and Bear revives old memories of when diesels on his old line moved in and shunted him aside. His behaviour and mood swings causes concern, resulting in an accident, which gives the Oil Manager much to think about...

Kaiser returns from the Works and spends the night at the Big Station before returning to the refinery. The other engines, having heard about him, are wary at first, until Kaiser explains the reason for his flashbacks and panic attacks – not the diesels themselves, but what they represent: change, renewal, and eventual scrapping. He tells his entire life story in an old-fashioned American ballad song, and by the end the other engines see the old engine in a respectable light.

James is still skeptical about Kaiser, especially as he has to help at the refinery in his place. Because of his temper he becomes careless; coming down the hill too fast, he derails near the tank-farm and threatens to blow it sky-high. The men's only chance now is Kaiser, as he isn't a fire hazard in that section. Thinking fast and acting quickly, he soon hauls James and his train out of the danger zone section by section. Kaiser proves himself useful at last and is allowed to stay – finally earning James's respect as well.