ERS 62 - Ffarquhar Branch Line Engines

ERS 62 - Ffarquhar Branch Line Engines - Christopher & Loey Machan


Written by Christopher
Here the extension to Ulfstead really took full swing as more stone is required for the Harbour and beyond, leaving Ffarquhar Station overcrowded and the Branch Line overworked. So when the Fat Controller announced plans to modify Ffarquhar's track diagram – including a larger shed, two running lines and a turntable – the news is met with mixed feelings...


Written by Christopher
Work begins on Ffarquhar Station's new look, but not everyone is pleased with this – especially the Stationmaster, when the cattle pens are moved closer to his house prior the blueprints. Then the trouble starts when someone forgets to close the cattle pen properly, allowing the cows to escape and invade both garden and sheds!


Written by Christopher
Thomas is most displeased with the Fat Controller's plans. He is used to everything being as they are and grumbles terribly that his Branch is “turning into the Main Line!” He quietens down, however, after an uncomfortable accident with the new turntable.


Written by Loey Machan & Christopher
It was this story, I feel, that became a true turning point for the Ffarquhar Branch development scheme, and based on a similar event somewhere in America, I think. It was so action-packed and long, however, that I thought it best to split it into two stories and keep to word length. While delivering explosives for the men at the quarry, Percy's train catches fire and he and his crew work bravely together to prevent disaster...


Written by Loey Machan & Christopher
Continuing from the previous story, the trucks explode leaving a huge crater in the trackbed. But thanks to Percy's brave actions, no one had been seriously hurt. And it's here that Thomas finally accepts the fact that his Branch Line is changing, gaining further respect for his close friend.