ERS 60 - Peter Sam & The Talyllyn Railway

ERS 60 - Peter Sam & The Talyllyn Railway - Ian & Ryan

Although Christopher Awdry did base one story on the Talyllyn Railway, he had never attempted an entire volume. Whether the publishers would have liked it, I very much doubt, but to my mind this volume works well. I find that the occasional volume set away from Sodor makes for a refreshing change.



Written by Ian
Peter Sam, during his stay in Wales, receives a visit from an old friend; Nancy the Guard’s daughter, now all grown up. After enquiring after his adventures, he recalls a near-miss with a digger at a forest crossing. He is cross when a second incident occurs, but is shocked to realise the digger isn’t entirely in the wrong after all. This was based partially on an odd occurrence where the crossing lights at Forestry Crossing on the TR were found to be ‘on’ when no train was in evidence. Oddly, they stopped by themselves and to my knowledge it never occurred again!


Written by Ian & Ryan
During the SiF 2008 Holiday in Tywyn, the then-Traffic Manager Mr David Leech recounted this story, which was simply to good a story not to use! Tom Rolt, one of the Talyllyn engines, tells Nancy of an incident with a passenger that Peter Sam would much rather forget! While Peter Sam sleeps in the yard, two young visitors come to see him and get an unexpected surprise when a cleaner working inside his tank pretends to be Peter Sam and has a conversation with them.



Written by Ryan
Both ‘Sir Haydn’ and ‘Edward Thomas’ originally worked on the Corris Railway, and both locomotives have returned to their old home for visits in recent years. This story sees Peter Sam sent to the Corris for a special visit, but on arrival he spots plans for the railway’s ‘new engine’, and becomes convinced that the Corris is to be his permanent new home. The mystery is solved when the Manager reveals they are fund raising to build their new engine.


Written by Ian
In order to raise funds for his overhaul, Peter Sam agrees takes part in a Photographic Charter. He regrets the decision when he discovers his nice new coat of paint isn’t quite what he expected. In 2001, prior to the overhaul of the Talyllyn’s No 4 ‘Edward Thomas’, the locomotive was painted into a fictitious BR black livery, which had the Corris survived into BR ownership the engine may well have worn.